"I Ain't Lookin' Like No Slapper": Beauty in Vogue

By Sarah Carlson | Miscellaneous | February 14, 2012 | Comments ()


Remarking about how wonderful it is that curvy women such as Adele (and Melissa McCarthy, and Octavia Spencer) are all the rage is a double-edged sword. Because while yes, it's awesome, doesn't commenting on it in some ways negate the awesomeness? As in, it'd be better if we never had to discuss her weight -- that it's not an issue at all, not in the least bit surprising that a woman who doesn't look a certain way is kicking ass and taking names as a global superstar.

I can't help but be pleased to see her success, though. Adele and the aforementioned women, among others, are immensely talented and deserving of accolades and present such a lovely "love yourself" message, not only relating to their shape but to how they present themselves. Their presence in the zeitgeist is simply refreshing, and I can't not mention it.

Here's Adele discussing her size with Anderson Cooper on Sunday's "60 Minutes":

And here she is on the cover and in the pages of Vogue's March issue, looking amazing:






Suck it, Lagerfeld.

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