Guess Who's NOT a Fan of That Movie Where James Franco and Seth Rogen Try to Assassinate Kim Jong-un

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | June 20, 2014 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | June 20, 2014 |


Did you guess Kim Jong-un? Then well done you. Turns out his feelings were kinda hurt that Rogen and Franco made a movie where they try to murder him. Go figure. A representative for Kim Jong-un gave a statement to The Telegraph that is a solid mix of ominous death threat and snide teenage bitterness.

“There is a special irony in this storyline as it shows the desperation of the US government and American society,” he told The Telegraph.

“A film about the assassination of a foreign leader mirrors what the US has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine,” he added. “And let us not forget who killed [President John F.] Kennedy - Americans.

“In fact, President [Barack] Obama should be careful in case the US military wants to kill him as well,” Kim Myong-chol said.

Kim Myong-chol dismissed Hollywood movies as being “full of assassinations and executions” and expressed the opinion that British films are far better and more realistic.
“James Bond is a good character and those films are much more enjoyable,” he said.

The representative did say, though, that Kim Jong-un would still probably see the movie, despite it’s lack of Bond. So… that’ll show ‘em.

Via The Telegraph.

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