Gary David Goldberg Dead at 68
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Gary David Goldberg Dead at 68

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | June 24, 2013 | Comments ()


The name may not be all that familiar to you, but anyone born before in the 1980s or before surely knows the work of Gary David Goldberg, who created the long-running series, "Family Ties" and later reunited with Michael J. Fox to create "Spin City." Goldberg passed away, dying of brain cancer.

Fans of "Family Ties" and "Spin City" will also undoubtedly be familiar with this three second tag at the end of every episode:

Ubu, in fact, was Goldberg's production company, named after his own dog. Goldberg, who grew up a flower child in the 1960s, and his wife ran a day care center in Berkeley during the 1970s, and you can sense how that experience likely influenced the culture clashes in the "Family Ties." (Fun Fact: The series, "One Day at a Time," was based on the experiences of Whitney Blake, raising her child as a single mother. That child: Meredith Baxter, the star of "Family Ties.")

Goldberg essentially launched the career of Michael J. Fox with "Family Ties," although Fox was not his first choice: That was Matthew Broderick. It took some convincing, in fact, for Goldberg to come around on Fox.

Goldberg was also a writer on "Lou Grant" and the "Bob Newhart Show," as well as writing and directing Dad, a movie starring Ted Danson that has a very profound place in my childhood memories.

Goldberg leaves behind a wife, two daughters (including television writer Shana Goldberg-Meehan), three grandchildren, and years of cherished television episodes.

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  • Kronos

    Growing up, one of my favorite series was Goldberg's Brooklyn Bridge. It didn't last very long, but was sweet, funny, and touching without being cloying. It's a shame that it seems mostly forgotten.

  • Yocean

    Damn. Family Ties was my introduction into American TV program growing up and loved every episodes of them. Spins City was amazing too. RIP Mr.Goldberg.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Dear Pajiba,

    I know that should you, like I, be a child of the 80s, you might have some emotions some bitter, some sweet, around the passing of Mr. Goldberg. Should you wish to honour him, and his contributions to comedy, I cannot think of a more appropriate way to do so than to click on the link Dear Overlord provided above. The relevant article is appropriately bitter and sweet and you will laugh your fu*king @ss off.

    Yours in Christ,
    Mrs. Lysander Julien

  • Maguita NYC

    I had no idea he had done so much for television and was responsible for Michael J. Fox's break-out role.

    RIP Mr. Glodberg.

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