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The 2009 Emmy Awards Open Thread

By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | September 20, 2009 | Comments ()

To kick off tonight's open thread, here my list of who I want to win, and who I think will win (of course, predicting Emmy wins is almost as pointless as the Emmys themselves but, still, it's fun to play along) the bigger categories:

Best Comedy. "30 Rock" should win, and I actually kind think it will, although I could see "Family Guy" being a sleeper, not be cause it deserves it, but because of the novelty of a cartoon in this category (and if "Weeds" or "Entourage" win, I officially declare comedy dead).

Best Drama. "Breaking Bad" should win by a fucking mile, but I expect "Mad Men" will take home the gold. "Big Love" is the sleeper.

Lead Actor -- Comedy. Alec Baldwin will win. Alec Baldwin should win. Tony Shalhoub and Charlie Sheen should die.

Lead Actor -- Drama. Bryan Cranston should win this shit by a fucking landslide, but since he won it last year, I suspect it's Jon Hamm's year. But I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see Gabriel Byrne, Hugh Laurie or Michael C. Hall sneak in for the win.

Lead Actress -- Comedy. Mary-Louise Parker is the best out of this bunch, but she shouldn't win because "Weeds" isn't a fucking comedy anymore! So I'll say that Tina Fey should probably win, but I kinda think Christina Appelgate will get the actual win, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus a sleeper.

Lead Actress -- Drama. Glenn Close should win for "Damages," as she did last year, but I kinda have a feeling it's going to be Elisabeth Moss, as I just think the gold is going to love "Mad Men" this year.

Supporting Actor -- Drama. Aaron Paul should win (seriously, if you haven't figured it out yet, I think "Breaking Bad" was the best thing on TV last year by a landslide - get yourself some DVDs). I think John Hurt will take the win though, with Michael Emerson a sneaky sleeper.

Supporting Actor -- Comedy. Rainn Wilson should win, but host NPH will win.

Supporting Actress -- Drama. Hope Davis should win, for "In Treatment" and, Jesus, I have no prediction on who will actually win. Let's go with ... anyone other than Sandra Oh.

Supporting Actress -- Comedy. I suspect many of us want Kristin Chenoweth to win because we miss "Pushing Daisies," and she's probably the one who should win. But I kinda think Amy Poehler will win (she's nominated for "SNL," not "Parks and Recreation").

Best Variety/Music/Comedy Show. This should be "The Colbert Report's" year and it will be.

Best Reality Show -- Competition. "Top Chef" should win, but "The Amazing Race" will win, because it wins every fucking year.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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