Dust Off Your Old Netflix Rage, Amazon Jacks Up The Minimum Purchase To Qualify For Free Shipping
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Dust Off Your Old Netflix Rage, Amazon Jacks Up The Minimum Purchase To Qualify For Free Shipping

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | October 22, 2013 | Comments ()


Remember when you lost your damn minds over the changes at Netflix two years ago? You do remember that, don’t you? How you were going to cancel your Netflix service in protest and would never sully your fingers with another red envelope? Well…I mean, some of that’s true. For most of you, the red envelope is a thing of the past. But get rid of Netflix altogether? Oh no you didn’t.


Well get your extraordinarily short-lived indignation ready, Convenience Lovers, Amazon has raised the minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping from $25 to $35. I know, I know, calm yourselves, it’s been $25 for over a decade now. And fret not, Amazon Prime users, you won’t be affected. I’m as lazy as the rest of you but I am, for my own reasons, a big believer in shopping locally. Will this encourage you to do the same? Or will $10 here or there not matter much in the long run? And why would Amazon jack the price now? To push you into the Prime program, of course! Will it work?

(via NPR)

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  • People raging about Netflix was the best illustration of First World Problems I'd seen in a while. Prime is a good deal if you buy enough off of Amazon to make it worth your while.

  • e jerry powell

    Let me see when I last bought anything from Amazon...

    Hmm. June of 2011. I bought a 10-port USB hub (connected to this very laptop right now) and a sex toy. The sex toy was actually the best price online ($20-30 cheaper than most other vendors), and would still qualify for free shipping purchased by itself.

  • blacksred

    I more than get my Prime membership fee out of all the free shipping. plus there are dozens of ways to get a free prime membership .. whispers or share a membership with a few people and split the cost.

  • emmalita

    I mostly shop locally, but there are some bulk exotic items that are just more practical and less expensive via Amazon. And I'm not talking about the 55 gallon drum of personal lubricant Amazon keeps suggesting I consider.

  • I've seen that too. And for some odd reason, it always seems coupled with a recommendation for ninja grappling hooks. I'm curious as to why someone might need a 55 gallon drum of lube AND a three-pronged grappling hook, but I also think it might better to let that lie undisturbed like it was a Great Old One.

  • emmalita

    I just died laughing. Please use my story as a warning to others about the dangers of sudden laughter.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Don't leave is on tenterhooks. What did you decide?

  • emmalita

    It was either passionflower scented or flavored. Neither option appealed to me.

  • lowercase_ryan

    While I occasionally use amazon, I actually prefer to buy local and pay the sales tax.

    Related: Fuck waiting.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    NY you have to pay sales tax now anyway. And that will soon be the case for most states, I believe, as one by one they press their cases.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Thats a good point, and I wasn't kidding about my desire to pay the tax. God knows we need them in AZ.

    But the waiting can still f off.

  • dizzylucy

    I was wondering if they were going to do that at some point, because $25 was low. Oh well. I stockpile items in my cart and then group them when I get to the minimum, so it'll just take a little longer now.

    I don't have Prime because I don't use their streaming service, and have Netflix and occasionally Hulu instead. I did do the free trial last year for the holidays and it was really nice, but until I someday want the streaming, I'll stick with the Super Saver.

  • Michelle

    Is there anyone that doesn't have Amazon Prime at this point? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

  • My father.

    Who occasionally sends me a link to something on Amazon and says, "Can you order this for me?" Then he pays me in cash. It's pretty much the only way I ever have cash on me anymore.

  • BWeaves

    Me. I don't shop there often enough to make it worth my while. However, I usually spend more than $35 when I do, so it doesn't really matter to me.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    ditto. And I have some sort of "shared" Prime from a family member, that let's me do the second day shipping, but does not grant me streaming privileges. I don't pretend to understand it.

  • Repo

    People who don't shop Amazon regularly enough to justify the (soon to be increasing) annual fee?

  • Michelle

    Oh sure. You and your logic! :)

  • karen

    the lazy

  • DataAngel

    Mmmmmm Priiiiiiiime.

    Also, $35 is LOW. Most places I'm used to seeing a $50 minimum for free shipping. Like most of the yarn stores. Do you know how much yarn is required to reach $50? I mean if you're cheap and not getting, like, silk blended with the hair of unicorns stuff. You can knit a shitload of ... Cunning Red Yellow Orange Hats ... with $50 of yarn.

  • DominaNefret

    That is like... 3-7 skeins of yarn. Hardly any!

  • Well, a sweater's worth of decent wool is well over $50 but I only knit a sweater a year if that. Yarn is definitely the most likely online purchase for me to decide that I'm much better off paying for shipping than purchasing enough to get it free. I will mention to friends that I'm making an order from a particular site in case they have some small items they'd like to add to my order, though.

  • DataAngel

    See, that's why I don't knit sweaters. Well, cost and the commitment factor. I can't dedicate that much attention to something.

  • John G.

    Man, I can never find hair of unicorn in my yarn store.

  • John G.

    At this point, Amazon has their hooks in me. I'm so used to Prime, I can't understand waiting more than a day to get packages anymore and local stores don't have the same selection. BEZOS!!

  • Repo

    I can't wait to see the "I got Prime, yawn" expression implode into fury for everyone when Prime is the next price increase on the list of things for Amazon to do.

  • Michelle

    I think even if Amazon increases the price of Prime, I won't be mad about it. It's currently cheaper than Netflix, and has the added bonus of not only providing most of the same video content, but getting my purchases to me faster. I'd probably be okay with an increase to at least $100/yr before I started minorly complaining.

  • Leelee

    I really wish that you weren't right on the money about this.

  • In theory I support shopping locally (in Vermont, it's practically our state mantra). In practice shopping locally is so frustrating, expensive, and generally unpleasant that it's just not an acceptable alternative.

    So yeah. BEEZOOOOS!

  • JoannaRobinson


  • To me, it's a question of what you're buying. A $15 case for your tablet? Pay the $5 in shipping. $25 worth of Sesame Street toys? Maybe buy another $10.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    for me, I group items so that I always qualify for free shipping. Which is why it kills me that almost everything ends up shipping in separate boxes.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    $35 for free shipping is a pretty low minimum still. Now if only they would ship everything in ONE box. That kills me far more than a minimum.

    I like shopping locally too, but I'm also in NYC. And with the exception of The Strand, used bookshops and the occasional last minute emergency gift, I buy most of dvds/books/music on Amazon. For one thing, if they are holiday gifts I can have them shipped right to my parents' place for Xmas instead of schlepping them all on public transportation with me.

    I think I'm also about to make the leap to Kindle Fire, finally. I have no smartphone, e-reader or tablet.

  • emmalita

    I was completely uninterested in the idea of a tablet, until I got one for work, and now it is my precious. *gollum* my precious /scuttles back to the shadows

  • oilybohunk7

    It seems like most stores are $50 minimums at least. I've seen a few that are $100.

  • Buellie413

    I just went to The Strand for this first time this weekend while visiting my friend. It was PACKED, but man those $2 and $1 carts outside were beayooootiful.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    It is a beautiful place. Last time I went there I think I left with 7 books for $15. And I love their "cheaper than e-book" shelf.

  • Paige Record-Needlescratch

    Shopping locally isn't always an option though, depending on where you live and what you're trying to purchase.

  • Ian Fay

    Prime's totally worth it if you're a regular user.

    Their video offerings are getting pretty good, at least in terms of TV, and if you're a Kindle user, you get free books too.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Yeah, Prime pays itself in shipping alone for me.

  • Ian Fay

    [stark] Christmas is coming. [/stark]

  • Pants-are-a-must

    You know how I know that?
    Because we're connected.

  • MauraFoley

    I'm not /super/ impressed with the lending library book selection, but it does get you good discounts on books so in combo I'm super happy with kindle/prime. Prime is totally worth it.

  • Classic

    Lending Library sucks badly. It is nothing but self published novels where the "authors" in question do not know how to write. I just ignore it.

    The videos and tv shows are what makes it a good deal for me besides the shipping (around Christmas that comes in handy).

    They have a ton of BBC shows and that is how I first watched and fell in love with Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbactch bitches) and Parks and Rec.

  • Ian Fay

    Yeah, the lending library seems to mostly be non-fiction stuff and The Hunger Games. But I really consider it a bonus more than a feature.

  • ApeDrape

    I cam here to say this.

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