Do You Feel Like I Do? Rocker Peter Frampton Threw an Obnoxious Concert-Goer's Phone into the Rafters

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Do You Feel Like I Do? Rocker Peter Frampton Threw an Obnoxious Concert-Goer's Cell Phone into the Rafters

By Cindy Davis | Miscellaneous | August 8, 2014 | Comments ()


There really is such a thing as a dick too big…

English 70s rocker Peter Frampton is currently on tour, and at a recent Carmel, Indiana show, he took care of enforcing his own No Cameras policy. No worries though, this isn’t really a case of a rock star with an overblown ego; in fact, it was a particular pair of concert attendees who were the dicks. Though before Frampton’s show began a “No video recordings or flash photography” announcement was made (this was an intimate venue), a couple of latecomers missed that bit. The couple — who were seated front-row center — immediately whipped out their cell-phones and began taking both flash photography and video, so Peter first used his words to try to dissuade them: “No. Don’t do that. Stop.” You might think that when the person one came to see in concert makes such a request, people would listen…but not these dolts. So, after several songs, Frampton (“I’ve never seen an artist so upset”) walked over to the people and asked to see the photos they’d been taking, the guy handed over his phone and Frampton tossed it into the rafters, to the sound of audience cheers.

Frampton comes alive, indeed.

Read the full story at Onstage Magazine, endorsed by Frampton, himself, and more accounts on his Facebook page.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) would love to have seen this act in person.

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  • reemul

    Good for him! It's rather interesting to hear about Peter Frampton again as something other than a character in a family legend. (One of my aunts was apparently a bit of a groupie in the 70s, and rumor has it she might still be able to get tickets to one of his shows just for asking.)

  • Dulce et Banana

    Excuse me, I'm off to iTunes to buy a few of his albums (I assume they'll be there, right??)

  • foolsage

    Look for "Frampton Comes Alive" as a great place to start.

  • e jerry powell

    Never assume with iTunes...

  • JoeK

    And then he really lost it when he found Sonic Youth rummaging around in his cooler.

  • SugarSmak

    This story was brought up in Pajiba Love yesterday, so I won't reiterate what I said there. I have loved PF since I was 10, and this incident makes me love him even more than I ever thought I could. As an up-fronter for many of the 18 Frampton shows I've seen, sadly, inconsiderate, entitled people is way more common than it should be. There's a great DVD of Frampton's "Comes Alive" tour, I'd suggest that these kind of people just stay home and watch it.

    BTW, I'm so delighted to see PF trending on Facebook and making it here to my favorite website!

  • BendinIntheWind

    If only some other dummy in the audience had stealthily been recording, too, so we could preserve this moment on video forever.

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