David Cameron Hums Jaunty Tune While Leaving Country In Shambles; Internet Makes It His Evil Empire Theme

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | July 12, 2016 | Comments ()

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | July 12, 2016 |


David Cameron, as you all may know, has resigned as Prime Minister of the UK following the glorious sunshine funtime that was the EU referendum.

As a result, a leadership contest has been underway as to who will replace him as the leader of the Conservative Party, and therefore as PM. After a short messy period and a truly horrifying ghouls gallery, it turns out will be one Theresa ‘human rights despising, privacy abhorring’ May, former home secretary, who will take up the mantle of unelected, mandate-less overlord.

But never mind the details of all that. That’s not why we’re here. We’re here because after officially announcing May’s victory, David Cameron hummed a jaunty tune to himself while walking back into No 10 Downing Street. The microphones captured it, and one Chris Hollis took it upon himself to craft from it a glorious, John Williams-esque Evil Tory Empire theme.

Check it out, it’s perfect:

I don’t know about you, but that’s probably the kinda shit I’d be humming too if I was a fascist condom from outer space who fucked the country in an exercise of political opportunism and who was now looking forward to a lifetime of stress-free privileged wealth.


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