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The Weekly Murdertank: Dancing GIFs, Racism in The Help, Celebrity F*ck Ups, and the Brief De-Objectification of the Action-Movie Actress

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 14, 2011 | Comments ()


  • Matt Damon's 5 Best Unscripted Political Moments

  • No, Seriously. That's Pretty F*cking Racist

  • Pop Culture's 20 Greatest Dance GIFs

  • The Finest Excuses in the History of Celebrity F*ck Ups

  • You May be Considered Pretty By Some, But Lady, You Cannot Act

  • The Slow Rise and Precipitous Fall of Ryan Reynolds' Career

  • The Help Review

  • The 1990s and the Brief De-Objectification of the Action-Movie Actress

  • The 5 Shows that Deserve to Be Mentioned as Spiritual Successor to "The Wire"

  • The 20 Biggest Box Office Hits Based on an Original Property Developed for the Screen

  • The Best Fictional Work Places: You Hate Your Boss At Your Job, Well In Your Dreams You Can Work Here

  • 30 Minutes or Less Review

  • 5nal Destination Review

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