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Come And Knock On Our Door

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | December 27, 2010 | Comments ()

The Stoner: Floyd, "True Romance"

The Nurturer: Wallace, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"

The Looker(s): Brint, Meekus and Rufus, "Zoolander"

The Loose Cannon: Withnail, "Withnail and I"

The Biohazard: Spike, "Notting Hill"

The Cautionary Tale: Alex, David and Juliet, "Shallow Grave"

The Perfect Fit: Tim and Daisy, "Spaced"


Joanna Robinson is rather miffed* with the BBC for not allowing her to embed any clips from "Spaced". If you haven't seen the series, do yourself a favor and check it out. If you have, she was going to use "the finger gun" scene. *(bad anglophile, stole a biscuit)

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