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Christa Miller, a.k.a., Dr. Cox's Wife, is Still Ridiculously Hot

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | February 9, 2012 | Comments ()


Christa Miller has been around a long time, though most of us probably knew her first as the girlfriend on "The Drew Carey Show." Remember how nice she was on that?


She married Bill Lawrence, the showrunner on "Scrubs" and later "Cougar Town." He put her in both shows, playing a bitch:


And a bitch that loves to drink wine.


For some strange reason, Bill Lawrence and Howard Stern are friends, and Howard Stern took some photographs of Bill Lawrence' wife, and Howard Stern tweeted them a few minutes ago. I present them here simply to remind you that "Cougar Town" returns on Tuesday and that Christa Miller is still ridiculously hot for a woman that's nearly 50 years old and that once married Drew Carey on television.





(Via Twitter)

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