Carey Mulligan and Noomi Rapace on Talking Dogs and Broadway Audiences

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | April 19, 2015 |


Normally I post Graham Norton clips on Saturday, but life doesn’t always go according to plan. This week, Graham had Carey Mulligan, Noomi Rapace, and a British TV person called Amanda Holden whose nipples are apparently a big deal? I’m not in on the joke, but when I googled her, literally everything was about nipples so I guess that’s her thing. Anyway, here’s Carey Mulligan talking about her work on Broadway and how American audiences are very into audience participation in plays.

Speaking of Amanda Holden, it seems like Graham may not have been as excited to have her on as he flatly refuses to play along about the “talking dog” that’s on her show. The better part of this is definitely Noomi Rapace talking about making The Drop with Tom Hardy and the dog they used in the film, and making funny puppy noises.

And finally, a guy who thinks he can speak Swedish ends up swiftly corrected by Noomi Rapace, and a delightful story involving Genesis and a street party in 1977 that’s probably been retold at Christmas for the last 38 years.

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