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"Did you learn nothing from my chemistry class?"

By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | March 15, 2010 | Comments ()

"Seth," you say. "This is fishy. You've been all-but-gone from the site for months, festering in the deepest pits of the suckhole of lawyerdom, and now you post about the same show twice in a week. Are you on the take?"

Yes, the PR company AMC hired to promote "Breaking Bad" has been making a hard sell. And sure, maybe they've backed a truckload of industrial-strength chemicals up to my door, complete with all the information I need to sell that shit on the black market for a sweet bit of coin. But that doesn't mean that what I've been saying is any less true, namely, that "Breaking Bad" is a top-notch show. And I think it's pretty great that AMC is apparently so strongly behind this show. There's not a lot on TV right now, at least on the drama side, that has me excited, so I'm pretty stoked about the show's return. Last season, they took Walter down a really dark path, carving away just about every redeemable characteristic as he morphs into the local kingpin Heisenberg. I hate bullshit platitudes like this, but it really is "daring" TV, taking a lead character who started out as 100% sympathetic, and then turning him not just into an anti-hero, but taking him well beyond (see ya in the next life, Jane).

Point being, I dig the hell out of this show. And so when said PR company said, "wanna pimp our show and give some shit away," I had no problem saying yes.

So the prize, for two creative winners, will be a set of DVDs from the second season of the show, and a poster looking like that header image up top.

The contest? Well as you may know, good ol' chemistry teacher Walter has used his chemical genius to become a bit of a crystal-meth making kingpin. If you were a chemistry genius, what would you do?

The rules? None. Dustin and I will each pick our favorite responses, and swag you shall get (assuming you leave your proper e-mail address in the comment form so we can find ya).

As for me, if I had all the mad chemical skills in the world, I'd probably go simple. Try to come up with something that would let me function on only two hours of sleep a night. I got lots of shit to do, and could use the extra hours. And I realize, if I could devise a chemical that gets me down to two hours a night, I could probably take it all the way down to not needing any sleep, ever, but that's just ridiculous - who doesn't love sleeping? I don't wanna give it up, just wanna need less of it.

Your turn.

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