5 Shows After Dark: You Think Mariska Hargitay Keeps Track of How Many Guns Have Been Pointed at Her Head?

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5 Shows After Dark: You Think Mariska Hargitay Keeps Track of How Many Guns Have Been Pointed at Her Head?

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | November 20, 2013 | Comments ()


Survivor on CBS at 8:00pm ET.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC at 9:00pm ET. 15th season fall finale. Jesus, this mess is starting already? It’s not even proper winter yet, as people keep reminding me. PRO-TIP: If you have a summer-loving lizard person in YOUR life, the way to make them feel better when they start grumbling about living on a cold, dark ball of rock for the next several months is NOT to say “It’s not even really winter yet!” They probably won’t kill you, because they’d have to get out from under the blanket to do that, but they will want to.

American Horror Story on FX at 10:00pm ET.

Buying Nude: The Naked Realtor on TLC at 10:00pm ET. I firmly believe these people are just screwing around with us now and refuse to attempt to watch this to find out whether or not that’s really the case. Because I don’t want to know. I’m happier not knowing.

The League on FXX at 10:00pm ET. New episode at a special time, followed by the fifth season finale.

Genevieve Burgess is well aware of how long winter lasts, thank you very much.

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  • Carla Sposito

    Mariska Hargitay, this woman is very beautiful and a great actress. Just watch SVU because of you.

  • IngridToday

    I like Law & Order SVU when they didn't go into Stabler (I've only seen 'old SVU) or Benson's personal lives or place them in personal danger. I never cared about Stabler's boring, empty eyed wife or his kids. The only seem they know what to do with Benson is the standard "girl in peril" storyline. I prefer seeing her being strong and kicking ass.

  • We were commenting on this throughout the epi, as in, "Does this woman have the most ridiculously rotten luck, or what?" Seriously, how much can they do to Liv before it stops being a procedural and turns into a Lifetime TV movie of the week?

    I found the old (Stabler-era) Liv to be a little shrill and preachy, but she was a warrior, issues or not. They're two episodes away from making her fall down as she runs down the hallway in her underwear. BOO.

  • Classic

    She is always almost being murdered or raped. I stopped watching SUV about 5 years ago. It has desceneded into nonsense.

  • IngridToday

    It's like they have no idea what to do with her character besides being kidnapped, beaten, and almost raped. Why can't she just be awesome solving crime and giving criminals her bitch face.

  • Guest

    Misfits @ 10 PM on E4!

  • kushiro -

    Will Alex fuck the turtle? Tune in tonight!

  • Guest

    Its a Tortoise actually not a turtle.

    *He fvcked Finn so really, whats worse?

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