Who Brought Back 1996? Can We Keep It?

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | July 26, 2016 |


Democratic National Convention on PBS at 8:00pm ET. Day two after a barn-burner of a first night featuring Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Michelle Obama. I’m kind of disappointed that the DNC is this week, because this is also the week that the United States Botanic Gardens has a livestream of their corpse flower getting ready to bloom and there was a good-ish joke there about which is more interesting and enlightening to watch that I can’t use with this crowd. But still go check it out, it’s a 12-foot flower that smells like death and blooms about once every three years. It’s cool.

Animal Kingdom on TNT at 9:00pm ET.

MadTV on The CW at 9:00pm ET. 15th season premiere. I realize I’m not the first to make this joke, but Pokemania is sweeping the nation, a Clinton is running for the presidency, and MadTV is back on the air. Feels like the 90s again. I’m mostly OK with this.

Feed the Beast on AMC at 10:00pm ET.

Not Safe with Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central at 10:30pm ET.

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