Which Part of the Plan Involves Losing That Joey Tribbiani Haircut?

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | October 24, 2016 |


Gotham on Fox at 8:00pm ET.

Supergirl on The CW at 8:00pm ET.

Man With a Plan on CBS at 8:30pm ET. Series premiere. For all of you out there clamoring for a new Matt LeBlanc vehicle, your prayers have been answered. In the form of a slightly reheated Mr.Mom knock-off. Apparently, even after being a parent for 13 years, he’s convinced that his kids are “little angels” when his wife decides to go back to work full time. Shockingly, this is not the case. This situation leads to comedic events.

Jane the Virgin on The CW at 9:00pm ET. I watched the whole first season of this, but haven’t seen much of it since then. I read a brief run down of where everyone is at the start of this season and I see that 1. it is sticking FAITHFULLY to telenovela tropes and 2. the title has remained accurate far longer than I would have predicted at the outset of Season 1. Considering Last Man on Earth managed, like, an episode and a half on that one, I commend the good people at Jane the Virgin for sticking to their guns.

Conviction on ABC at 10:01pm ET.

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