TV Terminal Illnesses are So Much Nicer Than Real Terminal Illnesses

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | September 23, 2015 | Comments ()

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | September 23, 2015 |


Rosewood on Fox at 8:00pm ET. Series premiere. Morris Chestnut plays a private pathologist suffering from a terminal illness in mostly not actually Miami. Chances that his “terminal” ailments have any effect on him outside of sweeps-week two part episodes are basically nil. Also, I had no idea that “private pathologists” were a thing.

Survivor on CBS at 8:00pm ET. 90 minute 31st season premiere.

Empire on Fox at 9:00pm ET. Second season premiere. I still feel a bit betrayed by the first season in that in episode 1 they told us that Terrence Howard was dying and then Terrence Howard did not die. I mean, I could see it coming but it’s still a bit of a let down. But the sublime Cookie is back on my television and that’s still worth celebrating.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC at 9:00pm ET. Two hour 17th season premiere. NBC’s weekly examination of what is REALLY rape is back for yet another season! I’m happy for Mariska Hargitay, but a little unsettled at how popular this show focusing specifically on sex crimes has remained for so long.

Black-ish on ABC at 9:31pm ET. Second season premiere.

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