5 Shows After Dark: This Guy Looks Like a Cosplay of Himself
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5 Shows After Dark: This Guy Looks Like a Cosplay of Himself

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | November 6, 2013 | Comments ()


The 47th Annual CMA Awards on ABC at 8:00pm ET. One of the things that fascinates me about modern life is how effectively you can shut yourself off from media you’re not interested in. So even though I do know people who listen to country music and went to high school in an area where it was fairly popular, I am almost completely ignorant of who’s popular in this genre now. Like, Carrie Underwood? But then I’m also pretty sure some guy named Luke? Maybe? And I know Florida Georgia Line, but only the one song. Anyway, if you are a country fan, this could be something enjoyable for you. If you like awards shows.

Arrow on The CW at 8:00pm ET.

Paranormal Witness on SyFy at 9:00pm ET. Third season fall premiere. I forget where I saw it (maybe xkcd?) but when I see shows like this I always think of the fact that a majority of the population is now walking around with cameras on them ALL THE TIME and yet we’re no closer to having solid proof of paranormal activities or creatures. Not saying it’s impossible, just saying that my level of skepticism grows every year.

American Horror Story on FX at 10:00pm ET.

Key & Peele on Comedy Central at 10:30pm ET. I think I’ve watched that “Sexy Vampires” sketch like ten times now and it’s never not hilarious. I love these dudes so much.

Genevieve Burgess believes there are more things in heaven and earth, dear readers, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. But seriously, pictures help lots in terms of verification.

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  • DataAngel

    Paranormal Witness is actually pretty good if you treat it as short fiction. Like Twilight Zone episodes. Different cast every story, kind of creepy tale, and then it's over.

  • phofascinating

    Why must Key & Peele, The League and AHS all be on at the same time?? My DVR cant handle that much awesome all at once!

  • Robert

    Ghosts don't show up on digital film stock. At least that's what the shows keep telling me. You need actual film.

    But you can use digital thermometers and motion-activated DV camcorders to capture ghosts.

    Give me the good old days when ghost hunting was done with talcum powder on newsprint, cumbersome slate cameras that were set off with a trip wire, and weather vanes attached to bells.

  • emmalita

    Ghost Hunters Old School. Discovery is going to be looking for some new shows soon. I know where their offices are in Bethesda.

  • NateMan

    That is definitely one of those ensembles that looks better in the dark.

  • Maguita NYC

    "...This Guy Looks Like a Cosplay of Himself."

    It's the kind of Cosplay I can definitely get behind... errr, rather in front. Or even on top! :D

  • Jim

    Sigh. To quote an old Bette Midler joke "Waddaya get when you cross an onion with a donkey? Sometimes, when the moon's just right, you get a piece of ass that makes you wanna cry."

  • Maguita NYC

    I always loved the Divine Miss M for many reasons! Her outrageous spot-on snark is just one of them.

    Also Jim, you always come up with the weirdest things and I have to tell you: I love it! Don't stop.

  • Jim

    Aren't you sweet! I'll leave a note and the next time that personality's in control he'll be dee-lighted.

  • NateMan

    You never know, he could be into pegging.

  • Maguita NYC

    You keep trying to get me to the dark side peepaw, but I bet you wouldn't like it when I get there. Remember my lovely dolls?

    Also to put it quite honestly, the thought of Stephen Amell getting pegged is surprisingly a turn on. It is the kind of face one likes watching closely. On that note...

  • Guest

    Misfits on E4 @ 10!

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