Taking Bets on if They Keep All the Raunchy References

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | January 31, 2016 |


Grease: Live on Fox at 7:00pm ET. Original telefilm. As much as I’m not thrilled to see them remaking Grease of all things, and continually baffled by the success of Julianne Hough, the person directing this live version is Thomas Kail who is the director of the widely acclaimed and beloved Hamilton on Broadway. So he probably knows what he’s doing. There’s going to be a live audience and multiple stages indoors and outdoors that the production will move across on live TV, rain or shine. I am hoping that they keep most of the original content, but something tells me they might tone down some of the references a touch. We’ll see.

Galavant on ABC at 8:00pm ET. One hour second season finale. Huh, that was quick.

Downton Abbey on PBS at 9:00pm ET.

The Real Housewives of the Potomac on Bravo at 9:15pm. It amuses me that they’re trying to do a Real Housewives show in DC. Obviously we have our share of oblivious and obnoxious rich people, and more than enough brunch spots for them to shift between, but all the REALLY interesting people would also never do a reality show. By and large, the rich people culture in DC is not the kind of culture that caters to people who would appear on reality series. That or they’re all involved in shady politics and would never let cameras follow them around all the time. Only at very specific times. Like campaign season.

The Venture Bros on Adult Swim at 11:59pm ET. Sixth season premiere. IT LIVES!

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