Reality was Already Weirder Than TV, Now it Just Keeps Getting Even Weirder

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | July 30, 2017 |


Top Gear America on BBCA at 8:00pm ET. Series premiere. Top Gear USA has died. Long live, Top Gear America. Actor William Fichtner is one of the hosts, which seems odd but maybe he’s a big car guy.

Game of Thrones on HBO at 9:00pm ET.

Grantchester on PBS at 9:00pm ET. Third season finale. Apparently there may be a fourth season. The way British TV works, though, I wouldn’t start looking for it for at least another two years.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO at 10:30pm ET.

Rick & Morty on Adult Swim at 11:30pm ET. Third season premiere. This is actually the second episode of the season, the first one aired on April Fool’s Day and featured a plot that revolved around Rick getting his hands on McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. On the eve of the second episode, co-creator Justin Roiland received a special shipment of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. I have no idea what this might mean for the future of the show, or how it will handle this level of power.

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