Leave it to the Brits to Make the Apocalypse Zany Yet Droll

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | January 28, 2016 |


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW at 8:00pm ET. This has a pretty big cast and if I’ve learned anything from seeing this show develop it’s that the internet ABSOLUTELY influences what happens on TV. So if you’ve got suggestions for cuts already, let’s hear them.

You, Me, and the Apocalypse on NBC at 8:00pm ET. Series premiere. This is another British import that has already aired across the pond so be safe googling it if you care about spoilers. It’s about a few unconnected groups of people dealing with the news that a comet is scheduled to hit earth on a specific day and wipe out life as we know it. Stars familiar to Americans include Rob Lowe, Jenna Fischer, Megan Mullaly, Diana Rigg, and the guy who played Hizdahr on Game of Thrones. The settings for this include underground bunkers in the UK town of Slough, New Mexico, and the Vatican.

The Blacklist on NBC at 9:00pm ET. I don’t watch this, but I feel heavily invested in knowing if Spader is still wearing that hat. I consider the hat the costar of the series with that lady-person I see in a lot of ads and stuff a distant third. The hat should definitely have higher billing.

Elementary on CBS at 10:00pm ET.

London Spy on BBCA at 10:00pm ET.

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