5 Shows After Dark: If the Terminators Are This Cute, I'll Go Willingly

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | December 16, 2013 | Comments ()

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | December 16, 2013 |


Almost Human on Fox at 8:00pm ET. First season fall finale. This has all been surprisingly delightful, despite the fact that it’s a pretty basic procedural with the addition of robots, so I’m actually looking forward to its return. Also, it’s fun to construct alternative story lines in my head for how Eomer got cleaned up and came to be awkwardly courting Lyla Garrity in the future.

How I Met Your Mother on CBS at 8:00pm ET. Ninth season fall finale.

Monday Night Football: Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions on ESPN at 8:40pm ET. We’ve reached the point of the season where my passing knowledge of football completely fails me, so I have to stop talking about it until we figure out who’s actually in the playoffs. Then I can pick it back up again, because I understand how those work.

Hostages on CBS at 10:00pm ET.

Robot Chicken: Born Again Virgin Christmas Special on Adult Swim at 11:59pm ET.

Genevieve Burgess starts hearing a low humming noise in her head the minute someone starts trying to explain “Divisions” to her.

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