I Bet They're Pretty Smug Now Too

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | August 7, 2014 |


The Quest on ABC at 8:00pm ET.

Mythbusters on Discovery at 9:00pm ET. This episode is about the laws of attraction and perhaps the big draw is that they’re giving Kari um, temporary enhancements to test whether men tip women with huge… tracts of land more than other women. If any of us ever questioned whether Mythbusters picks some myths more for the optics than the answers, I guess now we know. Now, how they control for people tipping Kari more because she’s fucking Kari from Mythbusters and a head-turner with or without massive tits remains to be seen.

Rectify on Sundance at 9:00pm ET.

Garfunkel & Oats on IFC at 10:00pm ET. Series premiere. Your favorite acerbic musical comedy duo have their own television show!

Black Jesus on Adult Swim at 11:00pm ET. Series premiere. One Million Moms is already upset about this show based only on the commercials. I bet Aaron McGruder is absolutely THRILLED. I mean that genuinely. It means he’s doing something right.

Genevieve Burgess is still on the optimistic side of 29/31. Thank god.

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