Frankly, Why Was a Show With This Cast Way Off on WGN to Begin With?

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | May 10, 2017 |


Arrow on The CW at 8:00pm ET.

Criminal Minds on CBS at 9:00pm ET. 12th season finale. I have not been keeping up with this season and all and I understand they had a season-long storyline which is not what I come to Criminal Minds for. Like all procedurals, I basically consider all episodes mostly interchangeable and able to be watched in any order which pleases basic cable or me. Season-long arcs go against all of this.

Archer Dreamland on FXX at 10:00pm ET.

Fargo on FX at 10:00pm ET.

Underground on WGN at 10:00pm ET. Second season finale. This show may be in trouble as the network is apparently moving away from scripted television. If you like it, definitely tune in tonight because it could be your series finale. But if they stop making scripted television then I don’t have to worry about trying to find WGN on my cable anymore and can just watch the series on whatever streaming service they land on and get mad about it later. So expect me to get mad about this sometime over the next seven months if it is cancelled.

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