5 Shows After Dark 9/27/12

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5 Shows After Dark: Yeah, Pick on the Guys with Nuclear Missiles. Great Plan.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | September 27, 2012 | Comments ()


"Last Resort" on ABC at 8:00pm ET. Series premiere. New series about a US Submarine that is attacked by our own Navy and goes rogue, setting up shop on a tropical island and threatening people with missiles while trying to clear their name. I am mildly curious about how 1. they'll be able to find the materials to clear their name while on a (fictional) island in the middle of the ocean with no access to records or witnesses and 2. they have a finite number of missiles, right? Just saying. Anyway, starring Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, Dichen Lachman and a bunch of other people that I don't believe hold any particular significance to the Pajiba readership.

"Thursday Night Football: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens" on NFL Network at 8:00pm ET. And the real refs are back! So there will be slightly less blatantly incompetent officiating to complain about.

"Grey's Anatomy" on ABC at 9:00pm ET. Ninth season premiere. I've already read that the first episode jumps forwards three months so if you were interested in seeing how the "stranded in the woods after a plane crash" cliff hanger from last season played out, don't waste your time. And yes, I realize there's like no one else watching this show anymore.

"Louie" on FX at 10:00pm ET. Third season finale.

"Elementary" on CBS at 10:00pm ET. Series premiere. Yet another procedural for CBS! This time, a rip off of the much beloved "Sherlock."

Genevieve Burgess Is thrilled to have worthwhile television to write about again. At least for the moment.

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  • Blake

    I will watch Last Resort for 1 reason: Andre Fucking Braugher.

    That is all.

  • e jerry powell

    SCANDAL. The Most Beautiful Smart Woman in AMERICA.

  • Quatermain

    I'll give 'Elementary' a chance. I like Doyle's work enough that I'm always interested in adaptations, even though some of them turn out to be terrible.

  • Three_nineteen

    What is going on with shows ripping off KITH this week? First, Winston get Girl Drink Drunk on New Girl, and now South Park goes with Guy Who Can't Stop Sounding Sarcastic.

  • pajiba

    Last Resort, by the by, is REALLY good

  • yuramiah

    The Last Resort summary reminds me of one of the stories from World War Z.

  • but can it really be a rip off of "Sherlock" if the both are based on the same original stories?..GoldenChance.notlong.com

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Try harder. I can't do anything clever with this botitry.

  • GunNut2600

    Bit of a side note. The crew of a boomer (aka Ballistic Submarine) never know what they are carrying. It could be standard munitions or nuclear. There was actually a bit of a dust up when an ELT accidentally followed an MRC too closely and mapped out contamination levels throughout the sub, including the missile bay. Basically he was able to determine which missiles were which and gave it to the officer of the watch to sign off.

    They had to make a bee line back to the states and a whole slew of people got new jobs.

    Interestingly, more boomers are being converted into non-nuclear missile boats. They make a HELL of a lot more sense than a carrier, which is a glorified target. I say this as a former surface weenie. Ah but its NBC so no one gives a shit and no one will watch it.

  • Jemiah Jefferson

    It's ABC.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    If Autumn Reeser doesn't hold any significance for you people, you're all... something.

  • SLW

    Well, an Ohio class sub carries 288 nuclear warheads, each of which is about 20 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. So it's only a finite supply of missiles if you don't mind losing a hundred million or so people. But from Fiji the eastern seaboard of America is out of range, so it might depend on just who's making the decisions.

  • True, but well within striking range of New Zealand. Perhaps we can stop this Peter Jackson Hobbit trilogy fiasco after all....

    Hmm....trilogy fiasco....triasco? Nah, probably not.

  • Will

    Hey!! Suck it. You gave us three crappy Star Wars prequels, now it's our turn!

  • ZombieNurse

    I'm not defending the whole idea of "Elementary" or anything, but can it really be a rip off of "Sherlock" if the both are based on the same original stories?

  • Arran

    Absolutely true, but I believe they contacted the makers of Sherlock and asked if they could do a US version. They were told "We'd rather you didn't", but then did it anyway. Not illegal, but at least a little douchey.

  • DominaNefret

    Yeah, but Steven Moffat doesn't own Sherlock Holmes. He can say "please don't make an American version of our show", he can't say "you cannot do your own version of Sherlock Holmes".

  • Arran

    I'm...not sure we're actually disagreeing about anything here. I'm not agreeing that it's a "rip-off", just saying that asking to adapt Sherlock (which they didn't have to) and then essentially doing it anyway is at least a BIT douchey.

    Though this reminds me of a story Edgar Wright told about the ill-fated US version of Spaced. Of course, Wright, Simon Pegg, and Jessica Hynes didn't want it to be made, and at one point show producer McG called Wright to try and smooth things over. McG says to him: "Look, I know how you feel. I'd probably be annoyed if someone tried to remake Charlie's Angels."


  • Blake

    1 Point for Zombie Nurse.

  • Jezzer

    Scott Speedman and Dichen Lachman hold no significance to Pajibans? ARE YOU MAD?

  • Genevieve Burgess

    I meant that I named the people who DID have significance and didn't mention the rest of the (fairly large) cast who DIDN'T have significance. I'm aware that Mr.Speedman and Ms.Lachman both have plenty of fans in this community.

  • Jezzer

    That's better.

    *goes back to Speedman Shrine*

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