5 Shows After Dark 8/4/13
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5 Shows After Dark: Snuffy the Seal Never Stood a Chance

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | August 4, 2013 | Comments ()


Last week’s show was the (not) G4 produced “Buck Off” which was correctly identified by Long_Pig_Tailorisnotloggedin, DataAngel, erich, Melissa, and also sort of Monica although her guess was not a definitive no, but more a conditional no. Anyway, as far as I am aware, there are no plans to adapt the game “Big Buck Hunter” into a reality series. I will say it is far easier to come up with fake reality series that fly under the radar than fake scripted shows that do, so I’ll have to challenge myself in that way the next couple of weeks. Here’s what’s on tonight:

“Dexter” on Showtime at 9:00pm ET.

“Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” on Discovery at 9:00pm ET. Shark Week has returned! The fun version of “shark week”, not the euphemism for special lady times. This is clearly the second biggest TV event happening today for the readers of this site, as the biggest television event today happened at 2pm and was thus not able to be included in this run-down. But! Sharks!

“The Killing” on AMC at 9:00pm ET. Two hour third season finale. Apparently this show has become much better this season, so I’ll have to go back and watch it one day. I won’t tell you when, though, because that’s basically how I do it with shows all You People like that I don’t already watch. I wait until I think no one’s paying attention, watch them quietly, and then look super informed the next time they come around. That way, if I don’t like the show, I don’t feel weird about not liking a show everyone is fawning over.

“True Blood” on HBO at 9:00pm ET.

“Ray Donovan” on Showtime at 10:00pm ET.

Genevieve Burgess doesn’t like confrontation. I mean, if you do, that’s totally cool, it’s just not for her, but she won’t judge if that’s your thing.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • e jerry powell

    Since the Time Warner thing is happening, I'll be watching The Women on TCM instead of all the stuff I normally watch the late repeats of.

    BECAUSE OF THE GAY. And Rosalind Russell, which may be redundant.

  • Mrs. Julien

    L'amour, l'amour.

    I was in a production of The Women in high school. It was an all girls school, so it was a good choice. I was Mary's maid, Jane.

  • e jerry powell
  • Anne At Large

    Yay Rosalind Russell!

  • rd

    Time Warner Cable Dropped Showtime! No Dex! No Ray! Waaaah!!
    Big Fat F-ing Bummer!.. Curse You Time Warner Cable!

  • Misomaniac

    You forgot to list football!!

    Football's on!!

    I mean I had to watch swimming earlier today. Swimming! In a non Olympic year. Swimming.

    But, Football!!

    Wait. whut? Dallas. Oh. Yeah. Nevermind...

  • Liz

    Megalodon? really?

  • Misomaniac

    Yes Megalodon. Why do you think whales are always beaching themselves? Some sort of environmental protest? No. It's because there is something scary in the water. Megalodons.

  • $2786243

    I used to love Shark Week, but it's been garbage for years now. Too many 'specials' disguised as lame synergy programming for other shows, too much hysteria-fanning over shark attacks. Sharks are SO AWESOME and deserve better than this. *pushes glasses back up nose*

  • Some Guy

    I have to agree. I love sharks, think they're cool as hell, but once you've watched one shark week and learned all there is to know about sharks and their habits, (not much, unfortunately. Swim, eat, swim, eat, make baby sharks, eat.)

    Unless there's been some ground breaking research or discovery on them in the past year, I think Discovery Channel would be smart to start a new "Something-week."

    Snakes, elephants, big cats, spiders, squid, ravenous turkeys, whathaveyou.

  • $2786243

    I'd just like to see specials on other species of sharks besides great whites. They did one a few years ago on tiger sharks and the researcher had actually 'bonded' with one of them, and it was really interesting.

  • Maguita NYC

    Have you seen the hilarious commercial for Shark week? Fell off the couch laughing!


  • sanity fair

    I had not seen this, but it totally cracked me up! So thanks. :)

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