5 Shows After Dark 6/23/13

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5 Shows After Dark: Slightly More Promising Than Other New Crime Dramas

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | June 23, 2013 | Comments ()


"Skywire Live with Nik Wallenda" on Discovery at 8:00pm ET. Nik Wallenda will be attempting a tight wire walk across the Grand Canyon. For... reasons? Anyway, this should be incredibly boring unless it isn't, in which case it will be incredibly tragic because he doesn't have a safety tether. Discovery is, of course, using the possibility of sudden and horrifying death as a selling point.

"Crossing Lines" on NBC at 9:00pm ET. Two hour series premiere. This is a new crime drama that attempts to be better than other crime dramas by featuring actual actors (William Fichtner and Donald Sutherland) and focusing on the International Criminal Court. Note for fans of "Game of Thrones": this show also features Tom Wlaschiha as a Berlin police officer. Since the commercials for this taught me how to properly pronounce William Fichtner's last name, I'm really hoping they start hyping Wlaschiha's part so I can say his name in public without fear of embarrassment.

"Copper" on BBCA at 10:00pm ET. Second season premiere.

"Mad Men" on AMC at 10:00pm ET. Sixth season finale. Previews indicate that people will look at one another in meaningful ways and make declarative statements. Should be great!

"Veep" on HBO at 10:00pm ET. Second season finale.

Genevieve Burgess finds it somewhat embarrassing that she can pronounce Jaqen H'ghar flawlessly, but puzzels over Wlashchiha.

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  • e jerry powell

    Oh, dear. Donald Sutherland.

    I'm going to be a little preoccupied. I hope no one else needs to take a shower, because the bathroom's going to be occupied for a while.

  • trixiestreats

    The trailer taught me how to properly pronounce Fichtner, too. I've
    loved him forever, but my love was diminished by the fact that I didn't
    even know how to say his name. Thankfully I'd been saying it correctly
    all along!

  • ,

    Could y'all possibly put up one post a week that doesn't reference "Game of" fucking "Thrones"? Or did DR institute a new rule by executive fiat?

  • emmalita

    The story of Slobodan Milosevic's arrest by Serbian Security Forces is one of the most bad ass and pathetic arrests of a former national leader ever. I can't find the audio of Silvia Poggioli's account of the arrest, but there was a day long armed standoff, drunken armed guards, threats that he'd never be taken alive, and his daughter was arrested for threatening a soldier with a gun she pulled out of her bra. OUT OF HER BRA, people! Out. Of. Her. Bra. I imagine her in a Dynasty-esque sequence gown with a plunging neckline. The ICC was in no way involved, though they were happy to extradite him to the Hague a few weeks later. I would totally watch that.

  • Martin Holterman

    You're confusing the ICC and the Yugoslavia Tribunal.

  • emmalita

    You're right. The ICTY is a precursor to the ICC. Late at night, after a long day, they became as one in my mind.

  • Repo

    You neglected to mention Donal Logue is joining Copper for it's second season. MUST WATCH.

  • Rocabarra

    This girl is pleased to see a certain Faceless Man return to her screen. This girl is very, very pleased.

  • minxy

    The Venture Brothers is on at midnight.

  • Whatnot

    You've got to mention the Venture Brothers. Blink and the season will be over and it's not like we'll be waiting only one year for the next season like those spoiled GoT fans.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    'Vlashiha'. The 'a' is an open sound in both cases, like in 'bath'; the 'v' is soft, like in 'victory'.

  • PDamian

    Is the accent on the second syllable (vlah-SHEE-hah)? And a man is looking good, even without the long red hair.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I'd put it on the first syllable. Although I must confess I've never came across a name like that here. It might come from eastern Europe.

  • Martin Holterman

    +1: They have actual actors.
    -1 million: They don't care that the ICC doesn't actually have its own police force.
    -another 1 million: They don't care that half the crimes on the show aren't actually within the ICC's jurisdiction.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I just watched the trailer (to find out how to pronounce 'Fichtner'; could go either way), and the team is not an official one from what I've gathered.

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