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5 Shows After Dark: And Don't Even Think of Mentioning Her "Dress Size"

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | June 17, 2013 | Comments ()


"Switched at Birth" on ABC Family at 8:00p ET. The persistence of certain types of stories in our culture fascinates me, and the switched at birth story is one of them. We have examples of it going back centuries and yet it's still fascinating enough to hold onto an audience on ABC Family despite the fact that it gets more improbable every year thanks to DNA testing and hospitals that basically barcode babies. You know how you have to include a line in horror movies now about why they can't just call 911 on their cell phones because everyone has one? Pretty soon they'll have to throw in a line for shows or movies like this about why DNA testing wasn't done or how the babies were born outside of a hospital that allowed the switch to happen.

"Defiance" on SyFy at 9:00pm ET.

"Love, Marilyn" on HBO at 9:00pm ET. Speaking of people or themes that capture the public's fascination; I really do wish we could let this poor woman rest in peace but I guess as long as people keep watching, we'll keep going over the same ground again and again. Is she really that mysterious?

"Mistresses" on ABC at 10:01pm ET

"The Freshman Class" on Cooking Channel at 10:30pm ET. I don't mind all these little breakout channels when they stick to their purpose. MTV2 was great when it just played giant blocks of music videos and it had been that I could count on the Cooking Channel for my daily dose of people over-emoting while cooking or eating food. Now they have a reality series. I've seen where this road leads and I'm not pleased about it.

Genevieve Burgess doesn't think there's much more to learn about Marilyn Monroe 50 years after she died, but she could be wrong.

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  • Feralhousecat

    I wish Hedy Lamarr got this kind of love.

  • Salieri2

    That's Hedley!!!!!!

  • Viking

    Maybe if we all send Netflix emails they will create a Hedy Lamarr movie or series.

  • John W

    They should create a channel just for Monroe, the Kennedys, and British Royalty. Monroe, Kennedys, British Royalty 24/7.

  • ferryman

    Could we move the Kartrashians over there as well, just so there would be no chance in hell I would ever mistakenly land upon it? Thanks in advance!

  • John W

    No they would be on my channel that features nothing but reality programming 24/7. Enter at your own risk.

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