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5 Shows After Dark: But Why Is He Hosting a Reality Show? Is It a Joke?

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | June 13, 2013 | Comments ()


"The Hero" on TNT at 8:00pm ET. Apparently the Rock is more involved in this show then you'd expect the celebrity host of a TNT reality series to be. And, with the exception of kid's movies, this man makes everything he's in better than it has any right to be.

"Save Me" on NBC at 8:30pm ET. First season finale.

"Intervention" on A&E at 9:00pm ET. 13th season premiere. Final season! They had to end sometime, though, I know some of the addicts were catching on that if someone asked them to be part of a "documentary about addiction" that they were going to end up in a hotel room with crying family members pretty soon afterwards. Although I guess critical thinking and reasoning aren't exactly high on the list of things addicts are good at, at least not while they're actively using.

"Sullivan and Son" on TBS at 10:00pm ET. Second season premiere.

"Hannibal" on NBC at 10:01pm ET. I'm so glad this got renewed but I'm still not looking forward to the season finale next week. It's going to hurt to say goodbye, even though I know it's only for a few-ish months.

Genevieve Burgess is mostly sad because she has no idea what she'll talk about on TV between the time "Hannibal" ends and the time "Breaking Bad" starts.

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  • e jerry powell

    Perhaps next mid-season NBC will get smart (yeah, right) and move Hannibal out of the way of Elementary/Scandal and give the show more opportunity to find an audience.

    Also, "The Hero"? Yeah, it's a joke, but probably not in the way you mean.

  • disqus_mQPW6cixfl

    How do you tell The Rock from Vin Diesel?


  • annoyingmouse

    The Rock is actually pretty affable and self-depricating, he appears thankful for what he's achieved and he has a million dollar smile.

    Vin Diesel has crawled back to a surprisingly rejuvenated muscle-car movie career that he initially abandoned for "actual" movie fame, which backfired when Hollywood realized he couldn't act all that well.

  • paganchick

    "Apparently the Rock is more involved in this show then you’d expect the celebrity host of a TNT reality series to be."

    THAN you'd expect. The word is THAN. There is a difference between "then" and "than." I hate this about myself. I HATE that it irritates me so much to see it on my favorite sites!

    No one wants to be that girl. I am just at the point where I finally realize that THIS mistake is the difference between a lovely future and the idiocracy (yes, I am most likely completely insane). I apologize for even typing it. I truly don't want to be the butthole. TRULY!

    I just cannot deal with the incorrect use of words anymore.

    There is a difference between "then" and "than." There is a difference between "your" and "you're." The difference between "their," "there," and "they're," are all equally awesome! I get that we all mistakenly type the wrong word in a fit of frenzy. So, please don't think that I am being a total bitch, because it is not my intention!

    I just think that I saw the misuse of the word one too many times. Apologies to anyone I may have offended with my rant (yes, there is a difference between "have" and "of" I blame the interwebs for the confusion).

  • Sofia

    I'm glad we cleared this up without making a big deal about it.

  • blacksred

    It always puzzled me and my husband about how no one ever caught on to the whole "documentary about addiction" thing. They would have been better saying its a reality show

  • John W

    The Rock has to support those pecs of his...

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