5 Shows After Dark 6/12/13
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5 Shows After Dark: These Are Their "Very Serious Ghost Hunting" Faces

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | June 12, 2013 | Comments ()


"NHL Finals: Boston at Chicago: Game 1" on NBC at 8:00pm ET. People have tried to explain to me how hockey season can last until June but I refuse to understand. It is a winter sport. The summer solstice is literally a week and a half away.

"Ghost Hunters" on SyFy at 9:00pm ET. Ninth season summer premiere. I'd make a joke about how many ghosts they've caught, but we all know the burden of "proof" on these shows is exceptionally low. I'm pretty sure you can fix most "hauntings" by shoring up the insulation in that room, or adding a space heater. "I get a cold feeling when I walk by this window, maybe I'm being haunted by someone who was killed by defenestration!" Or, maybe you need to get better windows. I see how the first is more interesting, though, and involves less research of properly weather-proofed windows and more research of interesting spooky things.

"Royal Pains" on USA at 9:00pm ET. Fifth season premiere.

"The Real World" on MTV at 10:00pm ET. 28th season finale. There's already been a casting call for season 29, just in case you were curious.

"Necessary Roughness" on USA at 10:01pm ET. Third season premiere. Apparently John Stamos will be showing up on this from time to time.

Genevieve Burgess has never been haunted, and dares any spirit willing to give it a try.

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  • $2786243

    If you're going to waste your time with any of the ghost hunting nonsense shows, Ghost Adventures is where it's at, just because the utter douchitude of the main guy is a jaw-dropping wonder to behold. Dude is ORANGE and it's really remarkable in the glow of a night-vision camera.

  • Barry

    I'm a sucker for the paranormal, but all of the ghost hunter shows are so fucking silly that they taint all legitimate paranormal research. A bunch of unentertaining fuckwits bumbling around in nightvision and convulsing at any odd noise does not a ghostbuster make.

    Along similar lines, I have a SPOILER ALERT for "Hunting Bigfoot":

    ...They don't find him.

  • ferryman

    If television episode descriptions were honest, every ghost hunting show would be described as "An hour of various people holding flashlights asking each other "Did you hear that?"

  • Nicolae

    I think they played the entire final series tonight.

  • Imma confess here. My biggest TV guilty pleasure are these ghost hunting shows. Yes they're always disappointingly void of "proof" (although there were a few interesting moments in some of the first couple seasons of Ghost Hunters), but it's always crazy to watch the people involved.
    The best one is the British show...I think it's "Most Haunted". That show is a comedy riot.

  • e jerry powell

    Okay. WIth the first season of The Real World, I was already too old to be on it. The oldest member of the first Real World cast is two years and change older than me (and he was, technically, too old to be on the show even then).

    If I had kids, they would be old enough to be on Real World (and if they even applied to audition, I'd have to disown them).

    How the fuck is this show still a thing?

  • $2786243

    College students drunk in a hot tub. (Sadly, that's all it takes.)

  • e jerry powell

    Help. My eyes need unrolling again.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    If baseball can stretch into November, hockey can last into June.

  • John W

    So instead of sending those two guys and their night vision goggles to see if you have ghosts, just call Bob Villa and Norm Abram to fix up your house and poofta no more ghosts.

  • BlackRabbit

    Did you know Vila's written about twelve books? That's pretty impressive.

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