5 Shows After Dark: Jess is Neither New, Nor a Girl. Discuss.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | May 8, 2012 |

"New Girl" on Fox at 9:00pm ET. First season finale. So... do we get to stop calling her "New Girl" now since she's obviously not new anymore? And not a girl, since Zooey Deschanel is over 30 at this point? I get that coming up with titles for things is hard (I'm struggling with it at this very moment) but this is a particularly unfortunate example of a show outgrowing it's title almost instantly.

"The Voice" on NBC at 9:00pm ET. Two hour second season finale.

"The Devil's Ride" on Discovery at 10:00pm ET. This is a reality series following the San Diego based motorcycle club, the Laffing Devils. The president of the club is named Gipsy. I'd say tune in if you're interested about the social dynamics of real life motorcycle clubs, but I'm pretty certain the audience around here would devolve into screaming fits in the first five minutes over the spelling issues alone.

"Unforgettable" on CBS at 10:00pm ET. First season finale.

Genevieve Burgess does not appreciate your sass. (That's a lie.)

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