5 Shows After Dark: I Bet Some of You Would Fancy a Probing Session.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | May 6, 2012 |


"Game of Thrones" on HBO at 9:00pm ET.

"Sherlock" on PBS at 9:00pm ET. Second season premiere. Look, "Sherlock" fans, your show is back! Now you can delight in the antics of Arthur Dent and that dude who looks like a really poorly disguised alien once again! Yay!

"Mad Men" on AMC at 10:00pm ET.

"GCB" on ABC at 10:00pm ET. First season finale. While it's nice to see Kristen Chenoweth getting work, I couldn't stick it out with this one. Anyone else manage?

"Mrs.Eastwood and Company" on E at 10:30pm ET. Special presentation. While this series does follow around his wife and daughters, Clint Eastwood himself will only be making the very occasional and brief appearance on this show. Why the wife of Clint Eastwood would want her own reality series is baffling to me, but it's never been my goal to have my everyday life filmed. Partly because it would bore most of you to tears and I'd have to start wearing real pants more regularly, but partly because that's creepy.

Genevieve Burgess does not appreciate your sass. (That's a lie.)

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