5 Shows After Dark 5/29/13
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5 Shows After Dark: There's a Redneck Joke Here, Probably. I Refuse to Make It.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | May 29, 2013 | Comments ()


"The American Baking Competition" on CBS at 8:00pm ET. Series premiere. I'd make a crack about this series premiering the week after pools opened but they make bathing suits in whatever size allows you to enjoy swimming AND delicious baked goods. Enjoy!

"Dancing Fools" on ABC Family at 9:00pm ET. Series premiere. As best I can tell, this is a version of "America's Funniest Home Videos" but just for videos of people dancing. Which means we're moving slightly further away from "Ow, My Balls" and looking at the kind of things that are popping up on TV over the summer I'm calling that a win, culturally.

"Mythbusters" on Discovery at 9:00pm ET. It's another battle of the sexes themed show, and these things drive me up a wall. They're interesting from a neurological perspective when they can pin down what physical differences account for certain disparities in general abilities, but mostly they're treated as one long excuse to poke at stereotypes and put labels on skills that should be considered basically sex neutral. I know men who are terrible with directions, and I know ladies who can spatial-reasoning their way into custom patterned clothing. I don't consider either weird or unnatural. And I'm not even going to touch the gender identity versus sex issue, because god knows none of them do.

"The Soup" on E at 10:00pm ET.

"Psych" on USA at 10:00pm ET. Seventh season finale.

Genevieve Burgess enjoys her fair share of baked goods and lounging by pools.

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  • Phibbsy

    Agreed on the "battle of the sexes," GB.

    I remember a study where they strapped GPSes on a bunch of Mexican mushroom gatherers. The men generally used straight-line navigation to dense patches of mushrooms, while the women used a "shopping " approach, selecting choice mushrooms while they combed an area. They all ended up with a similar amount of mushrooms, but the men expended about twice the calories with their technique. The question is, is this a learned or social behavior or a genetic difference. I think there is a very slight preference by gender for navigation by direction or by landmark, but it doesn't mean either gender can't use the other technique well.

    I have known pilots of the feminine gender who are geniuses at spatial orientation, and I have know fellows I wouldn't trust with a map or a compass, but I could tell them to meet me at the Hanging Tree on Fort McCoy and be confident I would find them there.

    Sure there are physiological differences-- and vive la différence--but we exaggerate mental difference through social conditioning. We're all homo sapiens, and the genetic difference between a sumo wrestler and a tiny gymnast is less than the difference between a great dane and a chihuahua.

    All the same, No Samesies! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

    (NSFW, Sweary)

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