5 Shows After Dark 4/15/13

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5 Shows After Dark: Like Leeloo Had a Baby With a Klingon

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | April 15, 2013 | Comments ()


"Oh Sit!" on The CW at 8:00pm ET. Second season premiere. Hey, remember that time I told you about a reality series built around musical chairs hosted by Jaime Kennedy? Well, it's still a thing. Now you know.

"Dallas" on TNT at 9:00pm ET. Two episodes in a row, culminating with the second season finale.

"Defiance" on SyFy at 9:00pm ET. Two hour series premiere. Oh thank god, maybe I'll finally stop seeing commercials and full-page internet ads everywhere for this shit. Having read the description of the series over at Wikipedia I've come to the conclusion that far more time and effort went into naming the different aliens and events in the series than went into coming up with the plot. In my experience, this is sort of a hallmark of terrible science fiction. "Battlestar Galactica" did not play with this shit. The ship where Cylons were resurrected was "The Resurrection ship." The wars between humanity and the Cylons were "The Cylon wars." Most of the dumber names for things were taken straight from Greek and Roman mythology, which is a great place to steal from because it gives a superficially intellectual sheen to choices that would otherwise seem lazy. On "Defiance" we have "The Votans" who actually represent seven different alien races (all with their own names and characteristics) who attack Earth in wars called "The Pale Wars" which end with "The Arkfall" where the Votan ships crash to earth, destroying most of it. I do not have high hopes for this series, is what I'm saying.

"RuPaul's Drag Race" on Logo at 9:00pm ET.

"Castle" on ABC at 10:00pm ET. Starting a minute late, because whatever re-run ABC is airing before "Castle" clearly needs the full 22 minutes of advertising time more than "Castle" does.

Genevieve Burgess is happy to watch science fiction and fantasy series that are well written, well acted, and not completely up their own ass. Which is basically the standard she holds all television to.

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  • Bennetttt

    So nobody watches Nurse Jackie anymore? Oh well, I'm glad I'm still tuning in to the best TV has to offer regardless of the popular junkfood programming.

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Gotta hand it to Genevieve on the naming issue. She's dead on. Let's think back through our naming stuff:

    Time when the world had a big economic meltdown: The Depression

    War where nearly every country was involved: World War AKA The Great War

    Continuation of the war with nearly every country involved: World War II

    War in Korea: Korean War

    Time when several Arab nations rose up: Arab Spring

    Now to some more obscure ones:

    Boxer Rebellion: The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists who practiced martial arts were nicknamed "Boxers" - they led a rebellion

    9/11: Date of the attack on the World Trade Center

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Does that symbol mean her forehead gets WiFi?

  • John W

    When I think about shows like "Oh Sit" I think about that scene in back to the future when McFly tells Doc that Reagan is the president.

    That look of disbelief on his face pretty sums up my feelings.

  • e jerry powell

    I haven't seen all the adjusted listings, but Obama may be bumping east coast broadcast (not cable) programming at 10 ET because of the Boston bombings.

  • e jerry powell

    Happy to be wrong (I think); only NBC bounced scheduled programming for Boston coverage.

  • Ian Fay

    Here in Boston everything got bumped (somewhat annoyingly since there was basically no info after about 7 PM).

    CBS aired their shows on a local affiliate, though, so I at least got to see HIMYM.

  • luthien26

    Looks like there's a little Lion-O in the mix there, too!

  • e jerry powell

    I thought maybe Chiara had too many tacos and too much sunlight.

  • InternetMagpie

    Is that Nicole Richie?

  • Malky

    So, Defiance. I've been avoiding spoilers and whatnot for it. For those of you inundated with media coverage: Is it gonna be good, or should I pass?

  • trixiestreats

    Created by the man who gave me Farscape. I'm in. All in. I watched the first three minutes a bit ago, and I loved the tone of it.

  • MrsAtaxxia

    io9 seems to think its worth a shot for whatever means to you.

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