5 Shows After Dark 3/20/13

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5 Shows After Dark: Seriously, I Need to Wash My Hands Just From Looking at That Picture

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | March 20, 2013 | Comments ()


"Discovery Special: KKK: Beneath the Hood" on Discovery Channel at 8:00pm ET. I don't know whether I'm more annoyed that these awful people are getting more time on television to talk about their hateful ways or baffled that anyone is still intrigued by them. Seriously. "What's up with the KKK these days?" "Oh, they still hate anyone who's darker than 'eggshell' and even a whole bunch of people who aren't based on seriously skewed and inaccurate views of biology, history, and religion and they won't listen to sense on the topic!" "Oh, so, same shit different day then?" HOW IS THIS A MYSTERY?

"The Americans" on FX at 10:00pm ET.

"Duck Dynasty" on A&E at 10:00pm ET. I've got to give these dudes credit, from what I've seen they've made the decision to play the reality show game harder than the Kardashians and it seems to be paying off big. Obviously it helps that they actually had a successful business before they launched the television show, and weren't just riding on the coattails of a C- sex tape.

"Southland" on TNT at 10:00pm ET.

"Workaholics" on Comedy Central at 10:00pm ET. Third season finale. I tried watching this show a couple times. It was the television equivalent of dorm room carpeting that's dark enough to hide stains but has a suspicious sticky texture to it when your bare skin is unfortunate enough to come into direct contact with it and all your socks end up absolutely filthy even when you just wear them around your room.

Genevieve Burgess would be terrible at being on a reality series and recognizes that it is a specific skill set.

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  • Jezzer

    I can't be the only one who wants to take a pair of shears to that clown hair.

    Or possibly a flamethrower.

  • Lovezoid

    Workaholics is one of the few modern comedies that doesn't concern itself with imparting some kind of 'real-world' wisdom by way of 'painfully funny' and 'wry' observations, and is totally taking the piss out of its protagonists at the same time as having fun with them. It's amoral but extremely good-natured. It's also an amplification of the experiences and camaraderie a lot of dudes have who work in call-centres and live together in their 20s. That 'dorm-room' analogy seems more concerned with its own perceived wit than a fair approximation of the show. Each to their own, but I don't agree with being tacitly dismissed as an idiot for liking it.

  • Kristen Mc

    It's too late to abort it, which is exactly what my mom used to say about me.

  • Kristen Mc

    I was quoting Workaholics..... Jussayin

  • Lovezoid

    I always loved Blake's sage paraphrasing of 'The Bard' in (I think) the season 2 finale:

    'Life is a stage...smoke weed 'til you die.'

  • Kristen Mc

    Ah, yes. The same episode in which he declines to be the understudy in the Miserable Lesbians play.

  • smaj

    Amen Brother - and boy do I enjoy a verbal smack down.

  • Boothy K

    Love Workaholics...And I'm a 40 year old woman. It makes me laugh. Anders is my favourite.

  • e jerry powell

    I beez watchin de basketbaaww until sleepin time.

  • Maguita NYC

    "...I’m more annoyed that these awful people are getting more time on television to talk about their hateful ways or baffled that anyone is still intrigued by them."

    Because unfortunately, if you listen and watch to what is being said lately, you'd realize that not only xenophobia is alive and making a big comeback in certain parts of America, but homophobia, racism and all around bigotry as well.

    People need to watch the absurdity of the KKK so they would be reminded that history should not repeat itself, and shame those aiming to take us back. And going back, starts with allowing ourselves the same thought patterns and daring to utter those same unforgivable words.

    *Sorry Geneviève for this unrequired comment, but awful day that started with a man calling another the *n word on the train this morning...

  • Genevieve Burgess

    I feel like there are more people who are becoming quietly tolerant, but the bigots who are still out there are becoming more loudly bigoted, if that makes sense. I guess it will depend on how the special depicts the KKK, because god knows most of those men do not have nice lives from what I've seen.

  • Maguita NYC

    What was it that someone had previously said... Something along the lines of "keeping silent is a form of participation or at the very least acquiescence..."

    Maybe I'll watch it. See if I don't throw-up. Let's hope at least it is well produced.

  • Genevieve Burgess

    I didn't express myself well. I didn't mean keeping quiet in the face of bigotry. Obviously, there's a sense of tacit acceptance there on the part of the person doing the speaking, so other should always stand up and say "That's not right" when they hear it. I more meant that people who aren't bigoted don't exactly go around talking about how much they love and accept everyone regardless of race, creed, or sexuality because… you just don't. You just treat people like people. It's not flashy or attention grabbing, so it's harder to see.

  • Maguita NYC

    Very well said Genevieve. And no worries, no misunderstanding your words here, I was simply having a rough day, and had to take a huge step back and stop aiming for confrontation.

    Read you tonight at the after-dark!

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