5 Shows After Dark

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | February 8, 2012 | Comments ()


"Happy Endings" on ABC at 9:30pm ET.

"Inside Nature's Giants" on PBS at 10:00pm ET. So last week's shark episode was pretty awesome, and I loved the moment where they brought the kid up close to the partially hacked up shark corpse so they could point out how you tell boy sharks from girl sharks. This week might be a little harder on some people, since they're going to be dissecting big cats. Specifically a lion and a tiger.

"The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" on MTV at 10:00pm ET. I know there's several of you that follow this series religiously. I don't understand it, but I won't condemn it either; MTV is at least fairly honest regarding the motivations of the people they feature in their reality series. Namely, that they really enjoy being on TV. Whether or not they deserve to be on TV is not actually a consideration, but at least we're not forced to listen to people claim how they're looking for true love or some other similar line of bullshit.

"Revenge" on ABC at 10:00pm ET.

"The Soup" on E at 10:00pm ET.

Genevieve Burgess is an under-employed, double-degreed 25 year old who knows more about music copyright, licensing, and contracts than is strictly healthy. You can find her online at her twitter account, her blog, or her brand spanking new Facebook page.

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