5 Shows After Dark 1/30/13

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5 Shows After Dark: Cold War Nostalgia, Now With Keri Russell

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | January 30, 2013 | Comments ()


"Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2013" on CBS at 8:00pm ET. I wonder how much longer these shows will survive now that we have YouTube. I mean, back in the day when some of the Super Bowl commercials only aired during the Super Bowl, you had to rely on these commercial round up shows to see them again. Now? They're plastered all over the internet for the next week, at least, and most of them keep running for another month or two. Plus you can look them all up online with only the most basic search terms like "Doritos cat murder". Anyway, whether you enjoy nostalgia for a simpler time or enjoy the surrealism that comes with watching a show that's entirely commercials cut to a commercial break, this is for you.

"Nova: Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby" on PBS at 9:00m ET. Super timely, you guys.

"Suburgatory" on ABC at 9:30pm ET.

"The Americans" on FX at 10:00pm ET. Series premiere. FX has been promoting this HARD. I suspect it's terrible. Also, the male lead is a total chameleon, depending on the angle they film him from he looks like James Badge Dale or Justin Kirk and he's not either of them and doesn't look like either of them from head on. Truly bizarre.

"Kroll Show" on Comedy Central at 10:30pm ET. Anyone watching this? How is it?

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  • PissBoy

    1. The Americans is fucking captivating.

    2. Kroll show has had quite a few hilarious happenings.

    ...first time commenting on a post in almost a year and that's it? Huh. Must have been the completely unreasonable 'I suspect it’s terrible' based on nothing but plain ole wishing you were cooler than school.
    Now I realize why I stopped bothering even showing up on most days...

  • James

    It does seem like the time for the commercial recap shows has past, but they did incorporate some live voting during the show to try and give it some purpose. I thought that The Americans was alright, but it is going to take a few more episodes for me to know if I will watch it or not. I was talking to a friend that I work with at DISH today who loved it, so there is obviously an audience for it. I missed The Americans when I first aired because I was watching Chicago Fire, but I was able to catch up with a recording. I love how my DISH Hopper can record up to 6 programs at once during primetime, so I never have to choose between my favorite shows!

  • Devin McMusters

    I had a friend who caught scabies from the Dish installer. Those little bugs are real hoppers.

  • QballK

    DISH Network has gained sentience and is spamming the comment section of a relatively well known pop culture website.

    At least it hasn't gone all Skynet on us........Yet.

  • Obst N. Gemuse

    The Americans has potential, but it super-bugs me that they don't even TRY to give the characters early 80s hairstyles and clothes. Geez, it's weird and annoying.

  • ,

    One of my favorite bartenders looks a little like Keri Russell. I'm in there a lot.

  • Stellamaris2012

    Andrew *Lincoln*, not Jackson.

  • Stellamaris2012

    He looks like Andrew Jackson to me in certain angles. I thought the pilot was good. Assuming my baby continues to resist coming into this world, I may even make it to next week's episode to see if they can sustain the drama.

  • Kballs

    Most reviews I've seen say The Americans has incredible potential. It is waiting on my DVR, taunting me.

  • Mr_Zito

    From where I'm looking, he is David Duchovny.

  • Genevieve Burgess


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