5 Shows After Dark 11/3/13

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5 Shows After Dark: Wait, There's Wine? No One Told Me There Was Wine.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | November 3, 2013 | Comments ()


Bob’s Burgers on Fox at 8:30pm ET. I really do listen. Sometimes.

Boardwalk Empire on HBO at 9:00pm ET.

Homeland on Showtime at 9:00pm ET.

The Walking Dead on AMC at 9:00pm ET. Ever since I stopped watching The Walking Dead Sunday night has become “the night of television I’m almost completely unfamiliar with” which makes it the most difficult night of the week to actually write something about. Well, without resorting to listing something like Long Island Medium just to take cheap shots at an easy target.

The Good Wife on CBS at 9:30pm ET. I really should start watching this, but I get the sense this isn’t one of those shows I can just jump into based on what I’ve heard from random internet chatter because I give no fucks about spoilers and just read whatever I want to. So that means I’d have to find the time to go back and watch the previous seasons when I’m looking for an excuse to spend an entire weekend firmly encased in my comforter and fleece pajamas. So, maybe I’ll be on board by spring, is what I’m saying.

Genevieve Burgess spends most winters deeply envious of species that migrate, or at the very least hibernate.

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  • Meg

    This season of The Good Wife is KILLING IT JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. But you're totally right in that its not going to have the same emotional resonance if you don't start from the beginning. The characters and the history and the world they created (with all the amazing recurring characters!) is really what makes it. They flounder sometimes, I almost gave up last year with all that horrible Kalinda nonsense and the campaign bored me, but when its good its REALLY FUCKING GOOD, they really do earn their big moments.

    Also yeah, everyone is an asshole now, YOU SAY THAT LIKE ITS A BAD THING.

  • Berry

    There must be something wrong with me, 'cause I'm really not feeling it. Or maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. Forcing yourself to love something after the love has died = always a great idea.

  • dizzylucy

    Agree - this show was always something that I watched and liked OK, but now I'm really looking forward to each episode and thinking about it afterwards. I'm pretty impressed they've managed to do everything they've done in the 4th season of a lawyer show. A CBS lawyer show.

    I think all the characters have always been assholes, but it's only now that they've turned on each other that it's so obvious.

  • pisswizard

    Ugh yes, The Good Wife is on fire. That show fills me with glee. Like, gurgling and clapping levels of glee. It's just so genteel and clever and the writers ALWAYS know when to be restrained and when to go balls to the wall dramatic or goofy.

  • ZizoAH

    Pajiba needs more Good Wife coverage!

  • Berry

    I don't know why, but I haven't been able to get into The Good Wife at all this season. It just doesn't hold my attention anymore, which kind of sucks for me, because I was really looking forward to the new story-lines, but it still just feels like it's missing something. Some part of its heart.

  • sailboat

    You really should watch the Walking Dead this season, Rusty. It's gotten a LOT better.

  • e jerry powell

    Some survivalist somewhere has a big wine cellar in his bomb shelter, and he's sold out to TV producers.

  • emmalita

    It wasn't me. They sneered at my collection of Goliath Rex. But they'll be back.

  • Tommy Marx

    I wouldn't bother watching The Good Wife unless you want to do a marathon. It's a show that keeps trying to be an episodic CBS series but layers almost every scene with the history of everything that's gone before. Last week's episode wasn't just devastating because it destroyed everything that the last four years created but more importantly because the cost of that destruction was magnified by everything we know about everything each character has done and gone through to reach that point.

    ryan says everyone is an asshole right now, and I wouldn't disagree. But four years of history shows you how each of them reached that point and, more importantly, it gives you more than enough reasons to love every single one of these people even though they ARE being assholes right now.

    This isn't a show that is spoiled by spoilers. This also isn't that hard a show to start watching without seeing the previous seasons. But to truly understand and appreciate everything that's happening, it really does need to be seen from the beginning. So yeah, I'd give it a pass unless or until you're in the mood to start with the pilot. :-)

  • lowercase_ryan

    Everyone on The Good Wife is an asshole right now. Except Robin.

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