5 Shows After Dark 10/28/12

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5 Shows After Dark: Sunday Night is Here to Steal Your Happiness

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | October 28, 2012 | Comments ()


"Boardwalk Empire" on HBO at 9:00pm ET.

"The Good Wife" on CBS at 9:00pm ET.

"Halloween Wars" on Food Network at 9:00pm ET. I know that a lot of people with Halloween plans went out over this weekend but my Halloween plans are taking place actually on Halloween which just happens to be a day or so after that giant storm that everyone's talking about. Last year in Maryland, it snowed on Halloween. You guys, if I don't get to use my costume this year (which is the same one I planned on using last year before snow happened) I am going to be so sad. Let's hope that storm isn't so bad because that would suck in general. Mostly I just mentioned this show so I could talk about Halloween.

"The Walking Dead" on AMC at 9:00pm ET.

"Homeland" on Showtime at 10:00pm ET. Man, Sunday night TV is heavy this year. It's just like wall to wall dramas with dark overtones. Only going to get worse whenever it is that "Game of Thrones" is supposed to show up again. That's when HBO should start sending out complimentary Zoloft to all their subscribers.

Genevieve Burgess Is thrilled to have worthwhile television to write about again. At least for the moment.

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  • Boardwalk was boring last night. Some good bits, like Richard! Finally!, but mostly it felt like filler.

  • Quatermain

    Maybe it's because I have terrible taste in television, but I'm more curious about what the costume is than I am in any of the shows that were mentioned.

  • How'd you miss the new Venture Brothers special tonight?

  • Genevieve Burgess

    Ugh. I knew I was forgetting something. Because I wrote this in 20 minutes while rushing to get to work on time and checking to see if this Stormenstein or whatever is going to fuck up my week or REALLY fuck up my week. Apologies. But, still 45 minutes to go for the east coat to tune in to Adult Swim at 11:30pm ET to catch the Venture Brother Halloween Special!

  • googergieger

    GET OUT!

    *Elaine push*

  • Lotney

    Homeland: A TV drama where shit actually happens!

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Homeland makes me so happy, though. I mean, hell yeah it's dark, just like Breaking Bad, but it's all so well done, and so beyond what you get with almost any other show that, even when you have a show ending with some


    kid getting shot in the head, I'm kind of totally giddy.

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