4 Indictments In The Steubenville Case Prove Justice Isn't Entirely Blind
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4 Indictments In The Steubenville Case Prove Justice Isn't Entirely Blind

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | November 25, 2013 | Comments ()


If one can have a favorite part of this terrible Steubenville nightmare, mine would be this statement from Ohio State Attorney General Mike DeWine in response to the most recent round of indictments. He said, “How do we hold these kids accountable if we don’t hold the adults accountable?…It’s up to the adults to intervene. It’s up to the adults to set boundaries.” And that’s one of the most important messages I’ve heard so far and some language that’s been sorely lacking in this case. Are the kids responsible for their actions? They most certainly are. But the first questions I always find myself asking in cases such as these is: “Who raised these children? How did we get here?!” In a case that’s been so plagued by victim-blaming, it’s a comfort to see that DeWine is not done holding people accountable.

In addition to William Rhinaman, the director of technology at Stuebenville high school who was arrested in October, here are the four adults being held accountable: 1) Steubenville superintendent Michael McVey, charged with three felonies, including tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. 2) Matthew Belardine, a volunteer assistant football coach, charged with allowing underage drinking, making a false statement, and obstructing official business. 3) Seth Fluharty, a wrestling coach and trainer, charged with failure to report child abuse. 4) Lynette Gorman, an elementary school principal, charged with the same. McVey, Belardine, Fluharty and Gorman will all appear in court on December 6th.

Conspicuously missing from the list of indictees is head coach Reno Saccoccia who has no only escaped any criminal charges, but had his contract renewed by the district. The coach was mentioned by name by the rapists in their attempt to cover up their crime. One text reads, “I got Reno. He took care of it and sh— ain’t gonna happen, even if they did take it to court.” Not exactly a molder of men, is he? You can read more about Saccoccia’s involvement and petition for his removal here.

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  • Al Borland's Beard

    This coach, like many coaches, is a prick. Can we stop deifying these assholes as molders of men when they aren't even ones themselves? Also, I love football, but I'm super fucking tired of it being touted as this ultimate form of team building and passage to manhood. Can you learn these things from football? Of course, but you can learn them from any number of things that don't involve hitting another person with your head.

  • mlurve

    I think there are some really great coaches out there who are also fantastic people. Dean Smith, the legendary former UNC basketball coach who was just awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is a great example. That said, declaring someone to be an awesome person just because they are a talented coach is definitely an issue that happens all too frequently (same with a lot of blind athlete and celebrity worship too).

  • wonkeythemonkey

    John Wooden, muthaf**ka!

  • RipCity

    Vince Lombardi was also one of the good ones. In one story his black players were not allowed to stay at the same hotel as his white players so he had the mall leave after they had been checked in and everything and they all stayed at a different hotel together. really good article here:

  • annie

    Oh, Steubenville. Where football coaches rarely get fired, and if they do, they're not for long (I swear, ours at the other high school was fired like three times for hitting a kid and was back each time, and people didn't revere him nearly as they do Coach Sac). Love ya, hometown.

  • It's so absurd that his contract was renewed. It's as if the district is saying, "Oh yeah, the terrible things he was involved in were completely monstrous, but he makes sure our kids play a popular game really well, so y'know, priorities."

  • GDI

    How is he not being charged for obstruction of justice, assault, failing to report child abuse/rape? The evidence is all there!

  • emmalita

    The petition is addressed to the guy who has been indicted to fire the guy who has not been indicted. And that's one of the least egregious things about this case.

  • lowercase_ryan

    thanks for this, I like this AG.

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