Pajiba's NCAA March Madness Bracket

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | March 15, 2010 | Comments ()


As we do every year, for reasons that aren't entirely clear for a movie and television website, we're doing another Pajiba NCAA Bracket, which will give you all a chance to impress us with your college basketball knowledge or lack thereof. The winner will take home $50 and our undying love, which will probably die the day after you win. Also, you get bragging rights, which have no monetary value. Also, no one will care so bragging may present a problem.

The reality, as usual, is that you don't have to know anything about college basketball to compete in the bracket or, honestly, to win the bracket. It's ridiculously arbitrary. I don't think any of our past winners were particularly knowledgeable of the game. It's just a fun little time killer. Also, I don't have a workplace, so you good people will be my able substitutes.

Those of you who participated last year should have already received an email asking you if you'd like to rejoin. If not, to join the bracket, just go here. You'll need a Yahoo email address. The group ID is #23487. The group name is WhiskeyBabyNinjaStar and the bracket name is Conrad's a Douchebag (because he is), and the password for the bracket is pajiba. It should otherwise be fairly self-explanatory.

From my understand, you have until the games kick off on Thursday morning to join the group. So, come along. Sing a song. Join a bracket. It's great for your self esteem.

ID #23487
Group: WhiskeyBabyNinjaStar
Bracket: Conrad's a Douchebag
Password: pajiba

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