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12 GIFs That Will Be Permanently Retired on This Site

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | April 1, 2016 |

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(Some may be NSFW. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Cap Ass — This is not a place for objectifying a man’s posterior. Chris Evans is a real person with real feelings. Respect his MIND.


Homer Simpson Backing Away — There will be no more backing away from uncomfortable threads. We must confront those uncomfortable comments and express our feelings through words.


Nope — There’s like 100 Nope GIFs, including my favorite — the Louis C.K. nope. But they’re all banned, too. How did we express our “nope” thoughts before GIFs? I don’t even know, but I feel like it’s something we should figure out.


Noooooooo! — Back in the day, we wrote profanity-filled paragraphs expressing our rage at something we did not want in our lives. Those beautiful, angry words have been reduced to one Darth Vader GIF.


I Want to Go To There30 Rock was the exact kind of sitcom that eschewed catchphrases for a reason, and you all GIFed one line into a catchphrase anyway. It goes against the spirit of that show!


Hulk Smash — It’s not even a good quality GIF, people!


This One — Just because it’s really, really creepy.


Jennifer Lawrence OK Gif — “Sarcasm is the protest of the weak.” — John Knowles


Orson Welles Clapping — Just stand up in your cubicle and clap loud enough that we can hear it.


All Archer GIFs — This one just because we’re feeling cruel.


Ice Cube — It’s not even a GIF, but it has the same effect. STOP JUDGING ME.


Human Centipede GIFs — Why would you even? What is WRONG with you?




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