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One of These Lab Coats is Not Like the Others

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Tucker Carlson Mansplains Only To Be One-Upped By His Disgusting Brother

By Kristy Puchko | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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"Hahahaha, We Enjoy Our Paychecks So Much!"

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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To Watch Guy Fieri Eat a Burger Is to Gaze into the Gaping Maw of Hell

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Your Biggest Pet Peeve: The Round of 32

By Brian Byrd | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Perhaps the Title 'Forever' Was Slightly Optimistic

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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What We Can Learn from Women Who Live Into Their Hundreds

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Want To Know More About Women Of History? There's An App For That!

By Kristy Puchko | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Lena Dunham is Here to Taint Beloved Children's Books

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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They're Not Gone! What Some of Your Favorite People Had Going On At SXSW

By Vivian Kane | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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This Picture Screams "Totally Normal Loving Couple!" Doesn't It?

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Snoop Dogg Developing a 1980's Family Drama for HBO

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Your Biggest Pet Peeve: A Pajiba March Madness Tournament

By Brian Byrd | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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Your Biggest Pet Peeve: The Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace and Squeeeeeeeps Regions

By Brian Byrd | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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The End of 'Downton Abbey' is Nigh

By Genevieve Burgess | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()

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5 Shows After Dark 8/5/13

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5 Shows After Dark 9/2/12

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5 Shows After Dark: "Say 'Timey-Wimey' Again, I Dare You."

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5 Shows After Dark: "So, Which One of You is the Wild One?"

5 Shows After Dark: "Turns Out, He Was the One With The Right Stuff"

5 Shows After Dark: "Wait, Where'd You Get a Hair Dryer?"

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5 Shows After Dark: 9/11/11

5 Shows After Dark: 9/12/11

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5 Shows After Dark: 9/15/11

5 Shows After Dark: 9/19/11

5 Shows After Dark: 9/20/11

5 Shows After Dark: 9/21/11

5 Shows After Dark: 9/22/11

5 Shows After Dark: A Good Relationship Does Not Make One a Good Person

5 Shows After Dark: A Kinder, Gentler Huey Freeman?

5 Shows After Dark: A Love Story For the Ages. Or At Least Until the Booze Wears Off.

5 Shows After Dark: A Man Who Knows He Has to Do Everything Himself

5 Shows After Dark: A Reality Show Where No One Wins

5 Shows After Dark: A Sad Day for Fans of Handsome Men in Well-Tailored Suits

5 Shows After Dark: All I Know About This Show Comes From Promotional Stills

5 Shows After Dark: All of This Just Screams "Bad Idea"

5 Shows After Dark: Alright, Everyone Smile and Say "Cancer!"

5 Shows After Dark: Alternate Title: Jane the Malpractice Suit Plaintiff

5 Shows After Dark: And Morgan Freeman Created Space, and He Saw That It Was Good

5 Shows After Dark: And There Was Much Rejoicing

5 Shows After Dark: And With These Glances, a Thousand Conspiracy Theories Were Launched

5 Shows After Dark: And the Geek Will Inherit the Basic Cable Channel

5 Shows After Dark: Anyone Fooled By This Deserves to be Fooled

5 Shows After Dark: Apparently He Takes Drugs that Make You A Sim

5 Shows After Dark: Are You Ready for Some Hard-Core History?

5 Shows After Dark: Aren't Chopsticks a Bad Choice Here? For a Lot of Reasons?

5 Shows After Dark: As Long As I Don't Have to Drink Piss

5 Shows After Dark: As Soon As I Saw This, I Knew I'd Put it Here

5 Shows After Dark: Astrophysics Has Rarely Been so Dapper

5 Shows After Dark: At Least Most Bros Apply Their Own Warning Labels

5 Shows After Dark: At Least Wigs Have Improved Since the Revolution

5 Shows After Dark: At What Point Can We Call the Theme Song a Spoiler?

5 Shows After Dark: BRADY SMASH!

5 Shows After Dark: Bah, Humbug

5 Shows After Dark: Be Grateful I Didn't Use the Eyeball Picture

5 Shows After Dark: Be Honest, Did Any of You Actually Want This?

5 Shows After Dark: Beating a Dead Presidential Horse

5 Shows After Dark: Because What CGI-Heavy Movies Need is a Low-Budget SyFy Adaptation

5 Shows After Dark: Been a Long Time Since We've Seen That Hat

5 Shows After Dark: Between Raylan and Peggy, It's Unofficial Great Hats Night

5 Shows After Dark: Bonus Points if You Can Name All These Children of Destiny

5 Shows After Dark: Bonus: Sitcom Children Who Aren't Hellishly Annoying

5 Shows After Dark: Boring Doctors are Seriously Underrepresented on TV

5 Shows After Dark: Breaking! Accomplished Dancer Will Likely Win Dance Contest.

5 Shows After Dark: Burn it To the Ground, Kids

5 Shows After Dark: But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

5 Shows After Dark: CBS: Doubling Down on Powerful Lady Shows

5 Shows After Dark: CSI: Cyber: Scaring Grandparents Since 2015

5 Shows After Dark: Calling All Brunelleschi Fans

5 Shows After Dark: Can One Watch a Show Just for the Scenery?

5 Shows After Dark: Captain America's Loss is Our Gain

5 Shows After Dark: Chicago Fire Biceps Day

5 Shows After Dark: Clap Along If You Feel Like Stabbiness is the Truth

5 Shows After Dark: Clap Along If You Feel Like Your Bum is Quite a View

5 Shows After Dark: Clap Along If You Feel Like a Club Without a Clue

5 Shows After Dark: Cold-War Style is So Hot Right Now

5 Shows After Dark: Collect Your Rioting Gear, Just in Case

5 Shows After Dark: College Football is Always Improved With Puppies

5 Shows After Dark: Coming Next Fall: James Spader Costarring Hats

5 Shows After Dark: Consecutive Night Premieres Must be Hell on the DVR Crowd

5 Shows After Dark: Creating Illusions Out of Not Quite Thin Air

5 Shows After Dark: Dancing With the Photoshop Aliens

5 Shows After Dark: Dear NBC, You Don't Want People Seeing More of This

5 Shows After Dark: Dear Spain, Thanks for the TV Ideas!

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5 Shows After Dark: Everyone Was Clamoring for a New Buddy Cop Series, Right?

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5 Shows After Dark: First Criticism: Scarf With a Turtleneck? Really?

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5 Shows After Dark: Fitting In Already

5 Shows After Dark: Focusing on the "After" Part of "Happily Ever After"

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5 Shows After Dark: Her Power Involves Bringing Time to a Standstill

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5 Shows After Dark: Honoring the Amazingly Intelligent Woman on 'Bones.' The Other One.

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5 Shows After Dark: How Wonderful That Adam Richman and Food Have Settled Their Differences

5 Shows After Dark: How to Rid Yourself of Ray Rice Paraphernalia

5 Shows After Dark: Huh, Persuasive Argument, Show

5 Shows After Dark: I Always Believe People Who Describe Themselves as "Bad-*ss"

5 Shows After Dark: I Am Familiar With These Kind of Days

5 Shows After Dark: I Am a Nice Shark, Not a Mindless Eating Machine

5 Shows After Dark: I Bet Jane Just Lost Her Train of Thought Right There

5 Shows After Dark: I Bet She Has Important Opinions on Sequins

5 Shows After Dark: I Bet They'll Find ANOTHER Mysterious Artifact This Episode!

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5 Shows After Dark: I Can't Explain Why, But I'm Sneering At This Picture

5 Shows After Dark: I Could Use Other Photos on Tuesdays, But Why?

5 Shows After Dark: I Did Not Realize Bush People Had Such Well-Defined Personal Style

5 Shows After Dark: I Do Believe You're Ready for Some Football

5 Shows After Dark: I Expect the Typical Post-Apocalypse Costumes of Chains to Show Up Any Day

5 Shows After Dark: I Firmly Believe that Birds Aren't Trained, They Just Decide to Cooperate

5 Shows After Dark: I Guess "Buddy Lawyer" is a Genre Now

5 Shows After Dark: I Guess 'Inside the Oscar Hosts Studio' is a Little Specific

5 Shows After Dark: I Had to Put on a Sweater Just to Look At This Photo

5 Shows After Dark: I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Migraine-Inducing

5 Shows After Dark: I Hope They Get to Keep the Nifty Coats

5 Shows After Dark: I Know It's What You're Watching Anyway

5 Shows After Dark: I Know the Gecko Brothers and You, Sirs, Are Not the Gecko Brothers

5 Shows After Dark: I Love Mindy Kaling's Taste in Men. And Wine Transportation.

5 Shows After Dark: I Love Natalie Dormer Too, Which is Why I'm Concerned at Her Contortions Here

5 Shows After Dark: I Promise, It's Still Compelling if You Turn a Couple Lights On

5 Shows After Dark: I Pronounce You Reality Show Contestants. You May Now Question Your Sanity.

5 Shows After Dark: I Strenuously Object To All of This on Principle Alone

5 Shows After Dark: I Think His Hugs Really Would Make Anything Better

5 Shows After Dark: I'll Miss the Show's Commitment to Realistic Portrayals of High Schoolers

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Reflexively Cringing Just Looking At This

5 Shows After Dark: I'm Shocked There's Not a Branded Wine Tie-In

5 Shows After Dark: I've Found My New Life Coaches

5 Shows After Dark: If I Were Royal, I'd Probably "Explore" Somewhere Warmer

5 Shows After Dark: If It Weren't for the People, Air Travel Would Be So Much Nicer

5 Shows After Dark: If Your Love is Burning, Please See a Doctor

5 Shows After Dark: If the Terminators Are This Cute, I'll Go Willingly

5 Shows After Dark: In Which I Suddenly Care About the Sundance Channel

5 Shows After Dark: It Takes a Special Man to Make the Early 1980s Look Good. Lee Pace is That Man.

5 Shows After Dark: It Takes a Strong Woman to Pull Off Heart-Shaped Leopard Print

5 Shows After Dark: It'll Be Like Deja Vu All Over Again

5 Shows After Dark: It's Like Vegas if it Were Run By Ned Flanders

5 Shows After Dark: Jack Bauer and His Vocal Nodes Are Back!

5 Shows After Dark: Julianna Margulies is an Amazing Woman

5 Shows After Dark: Just Give Him the Oscar Now and Be Done With It

5 Shows After Dark: Just Look at All Those Chinese Boxes! Hijinks Are Definitely In Store!

5 Shows After Dark: Just Ordinary People With Their Ordinary Documentary Film Crew

5 Shows After Dark: Just Rename it 'American Horror Story: Dandy' And Be Done With It

5 Shows After Dark: Just This. Lots and Lots of This.

5 Shows After Dark: Justice is ALWAYS Personal for Olivia Benson

5 Shows After Dark: Keri Russell's Hair is Still About 20 Years Ahead of Its Time

5 Shows After Dark: Lena Dunham is Here to Taint Beloved Children's Books

5 Shows After Dark: Let's Just Get Halloween Out of the Way, Said No One

5 Shows After Dark: Lets All Get Nostalgic for Tricia Helfer in Space

5 Shows After Dark: Lets Be Honest, The Show's Not Called Beckett

5 Shows After Dark: Like One Direction For the Early Bird Special Set

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5 Shows After Dark: Looks Like We've Got a Hostage Situation on Our Hands

5 Shows After Dark: Maine Has a New Claim to Fame. Sort of.

5 Shows After Dark: Mellie Has the Perfect Attitude for 'Scandal'

5 Shows After Dark: Middle Schoolers are Terrible Candidates for Super Powers

5 Shows After Dark: Mmm, Look At All that FCC Approved "Sexy"

5 Shows After Dark: Mmmmmm, Out-Dated Gimmicks

5 Shows After Dark: More Gabrielle Union on TV Can Only Be a Good Thing, Right?

5 Shows After Dark: More Like First Not-So-Ladies, Am I Right?

5 Shows After Dark: More Like One Season-derland! I'm Bad At Jokes.

5 Shows After Dark: More of This Sort of Thing!

5 Shows After Dark: Most Historical Events Benefit From Inebriated Hyperbole

5 Shows After Dark: Most Notable Return From The Dead: Jeremy Sisto's Career

5 Shows After Dark: My Celebrity Doppleganger is Looking Pretty Good, Though

5 Shows After Dark: NBC Now Striving to Become the International Broadcasting Corporation

5 Shows After Dark: Nazis and Idols and Vampires, Oh My!

5 Shows After Dark: Nick Stokes Will Forever Fill Out a CSI Vest in Our Hearts

5 Shows After Dark: No One Is Happier Tonight Than Ted's Kids

5 Shows After Dark: Not Any More Funny-Looking Than Most People

5 Shows After Dark: Not Even Good For In-Flight Entertainment

5 Shows After Dark: Not Happy About Any of This

5 Shows After Dark: Not a Good Look for Cary, In A Lot of Ways

5 Shows After Dark: Nothing Ordinary Here

5 Shows After Dark: Nothing Says "High Drama" Like "Incest"

5 Shows After Dark: OK, The Reboot Thing Might Be Getting Out of Hand

5 Shows After Dark: Oh Good, Another Serial Killer Show

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, God, So Much Potential Second-Hand Embarrassment

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, Good, More of This Disaster

5 Shows After Dark: Oh, The Speeches We'll Hear!

5 Shows After Dark: One of These Lab Coats is Not Like the Others

5 Shows After Dark: Only Medieval Women Had Shampoo, Apparently

5 Shows After Dark: Patriotism Never Looked So Feathery

5 Shows After Dark: Perhaps the Title 'Forever' Was Slightly Optimistic

5 Shows After Dark: Pictured; James Spader With Several Wooden Objects

5 Shows After Dark: Prettiest Construction Site You'll Ever See

5 Shows After Dark: Probably Not Nearly As Scandalous As You're Hoping For

5 Shows After Dark: Reality TV About People Watching TV. We're Through the Looking Glass.

5 Shows After Dark: Robotic Kid? No Problem? Basic Reasoning Skills? Bit Shaky.

5 Shows After Dark: Ruining the Concept of a "Fixer Upper" for 7 Seasons

5 Shows After Dark: Seriously, Though, It Did Wonders for Laurence Fishburne

5 Shows After Dark: Shark Week, OO-Ha-Ha!

5 Shows After Dark: She May Look Better in the Underwear, But He's Winning on Hair

5 Shows After Dark: Some Reality Shows are Extra Disappointing

5 Shows After Dark: Someone Give Me An Over/Under on Soliloquies

5 Shows After Dark: Someone Really Needed to Rethink This Title

5 Shows After Dark: Sparkling On and Off the Ice

5 Shows After Dark: Spend St.Patrick's Day With Someone Special, Or Family, Or Both

5 Shows After Dark: Starring Rick, Daryl, and Daryl's Arms

5 Shows After Dark: Stealing a Title from Shirley Jackson and a Plot from P.D James

5 Shows After Dark: Step 5: Bring a Fish Friend. Everybody Brought a Fish Friend?

5 Shows After Dark: Stick to Culturally Approved Methods of Expressing Dissatisfaction

5 Shows After Dark: Still Not 100% About Super Speed as a Super Power

5 Shows After Dark: Stop Motion Animation: The Best Way to Garner Undeserved Fondness

5 Shows After Dark: Such a Majestic Creature. Let's Shove Bread Up Its Butt.

5 Shows After Dark: Summer Replacement Series: Now Starring Oscar Winners

5 Shows After Dark: Sunday Night TV is Ridiculously Crowded Again

5 Shows After Dark: Sure, It's Pretty, But At What Cost?

5 Shows After Dark: TV Came Back, You Guys! Woooooo!

5 Shows After Dark: TV Has Taught Me That the Law is A Virtually Paperless Enterprise

5 Shows After Dark: TV Holidays, Better Late Than Never?

5 Shows After Dark: Take My Hand And We'll Make It, I Swear

5 Shows After Dark: Taking 'Move Like Your Butt is On Fire' Literally

5 Shows After Dark: Thank You for Intimidating Us with Tenacity for Seven Seasons

5 Shows After Dark: That Desert Represents TV for the Next Four Weeks

5 Shows After Dark: That Workshop Smells of Foam Rubber and Dreams

5 Shows After Dark: That's How I Usually Feel About Hakeem Snoop.

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5 Shows After Dark: The Documentary You've All Been Waiting For

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5 Shows After Dark: The Reason My Email Signature Is the Fifth Amendment

5 Shows After Dark: The Return of Over-Saturated, Photoshopped, Pseudo-Humans!

5 Shows After Dark: The Return of Sharknado

5 Shows After Dark: The Terrible Hair Tells You This is SERIOUS TV

5 Shows After Dark: The Trend of Shameless Pandering to Gen X Continues!

5 Shows After Dark: The Triumphant Return of Rogelio and Friends

5 Shows After Dark: Thematically Similar to His 'Super Troopers' Part

5 Shows After Dark: There Must Be a Better Show About Royal Bedchambers Out There

5 Shows After Dark: There is Other TV On Tonight, But Barely.

5 Shows After Dark: There is Too Much TV, Guys

5 Shows After Dark: There's Still Time, NBC! You Don't Have to Go Through With It!

5 Shows After Dark: There's at Least 5 Remarkably Implausible Things in This Photo

5 Shows After Dark: These People Should Not Be Policing Anything

5 Shows After Dark: These Two Could Make a Career out of Only Christmas Songs

5 Shows After Dark: They Do Have Some Very Compelling Staged Explosions

5 Shows After Dark: Things Have Neither Halted Nor Caught Fire As Best I Can Tell

5 Shows After Dark: Things Like This Really Make You Appreciate Desk Jobs

5 Shows After Dark: This Doesn't Look Like It'll Keep Me Up All Night or Anything!

5 Shows After Dark: This Dog and I View Awards Shows the Same Way

5 Shows After Dark: This Guy Looks Like a Cosplay of Himself

5 Shows After Dark: This Happens to Me Standing Still

5 Shows After Dark: This Is Now An American Movie Classic

5 Shows After Dark: This Looks... Festive.

5 Shows After Dark: This Picture Screams "Totally Normal Loving Couple!" Doesn't It?

5 Shows After Dark: This is How I Quit the Internet

5 Shows After Dark: This is Not How Mammals Grow Breasts

5 Shows After Dark: This. Again. Some More.

5 Shows After Dark: Time for A Little Less Togetherness

5 Shows After Dark: Time for a 'Pitch Perfect' Quote Off!

5 Shows After Dark: Time to Close the Boardwalk

5 Shows After Dark: Time to Return to Downton. Only Several Months Late.

5 Shows After Dark: To Be Honest, I'm Not Into the Hats Either

5 Shows After Dark: Tonight We Find Out if Anyone Did Learn How To Get Away With Murder

5 Shows After Dark: Tonight's TV is Sponsored by Red Wine and Kleenex

5 Shows After Dark: Tonight, 'True Blood' Bites It

5 Shows After Dark: Tonight: Competitive Baked Goods, British Style

5 Shows After Dark: True Parody is Impossible Because Reality is Absurd

5 Shows After Dark: Two Men Who Never Need to Be Told To Suit Up

5 Shows After Dark: Waistcoat vs. No Waistcoat. Who Ya Got?

5 Shows After Dark: Way to Blend, Carrie

5 Shows After Dark: We All Owe Her Better Than This. All Of Us.

5 Shows After Dark: We Can't Take All the Hijinks! Someone Stop Them!

5 Shows After Dark: We Could All Use Some Coaching Sometimes

5 Shows After Dark: We May Not Have Society But We Sure Do Have Hair Gel

5 Shows After Dark: We're Almost To the Point Where You Can Be Ready for Some Football

5 Shows After Dark: Wednesday is Not Especially Woman Friendly

5 Shows After Dark: Welcome Back, Diversity Friendly Sherlock!

5 Shows After Dark: Well, It's Nice to See Something Set in St.Louis at Least

5 Shows After Dark: Well, SOME People Had a Great Christmas

5 Shows After Dark: Well, There's Your Problem!

5 Shows After Dark: What Better Way to Celebrate the Holidays? Seriously, Suggestions Welcome.

5 Shows After Dark: What's New, Pussycat?

5 Shows After Dark: What's a New Show Without a Photoshop Disaster of a Promo Pic?

5 Shows After Dark: What's the Opposite of "Groundbreaking?"

5 Shows After Dark: Who Wants a Heaping Helping of New Cable Series?

5 Shows After Dark: Who's Ready For Some Christmas Specials? These Guys Are.

5 Shows After Dark: Why Bother Watching a Show When You Can Watch People Talk About It

5 Shows After Dark: Won't Wear a Tee Shirt, But Karaoke is Alright

5 Shows After Dark: Yet Another Poorly Named Sitcom

5 Shows After Dark: You Can Make Your Death Pool Bets in the Comments

5 Shows After Dark: You Know He'd Just Love to Extinguish Bear Gryll's Torch

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B*tch, I Told You Not To Go In That G*ddamn House! | What Are You Looking For In A Horror Film?

Bacon East and Eloquent Eloquence

Bad Comic Book Movies and Pretty, Pretty Villains

Bangable Celebrities and the Sexualization of Rape | The Weekly Murdertank

Barack Obama Inauguration Open Thread

Based Only On The Poster, Which Of These 8 Movies Will Make You Splurge On The Large Popcorn?

Batcave Hotel Room Now Available in Taiwan

Batsh*t Or Brilliant? A Woman Decides To Make Her Boyfriend 300 Sandwiches In The Desperate Hope He'll Propose To Her

Baz Luhrmann Tries (And Fails) To Defend The Indefensible Flaw In His Adaptation Of The Great Gatsby

Beastie Boys 1, Adorable Little Girls 0

Because Why Have Just Thor When You Could Have More: The Avengers Assemble to Dance Their Asses Off

Because You Won't Believe Us Anyway: Street Harassment Round-Up

Because, Seriously, Movies Didn't Teach Me Sh*t: Adventures in Postpartum Depression

Behold the Majestic Wonder That Is Lee Pace's Epic Ponytail

Belated Friday the 13th Fun! Check Out This Map Of Horror Movies!

Best Buy's New Despicable Me App | How To Drive Moviegoers To Murder

Best Films of 2012 -- Individual Critic's Lists

Big Bads, Proving God Doesn't Exist, and the Rita Bennett Problem

Biggie and Tupac -- Watch for Free

Bill Murray's Best Musical Moments | Murray Rocks the Suburbs

Bill Nye Responds to Patriots Ball Scandal

Bitch I'm Fabulous: The 10 Most Popular Posts of the Week

Black Friday Deals from Around the Web

Black Snake Dumb

Blame Your iPhone On Your Lousy Sex Life | Social Networking Trends

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Bon Jovi Is Perfectly Placed Into Last Night's 'Game of Thrones': SPOILERS!!

Bonus! It Also Works as a Visual Diet Aid.

Bookreader Tolkienista Bingo for Watching 'The Battle of Five Armies'

Boozehounding 1999 Movies and the 10 Most Popular Posts of the Week

Bowl Championship Stupidity | Pajiba Sports

Boys to Men

Brad Pitt Does Not Find That Creep Vitalii Sediuk Amusing, and Offers a Stern Warning to Leave All Dresses Unlifted

Bradley Cooper is a Huge 'Game of Thrones' Nerd

Breaking Bad Contest - What's In Your Bunsen Burner?

Bret Michaels Suffers Brian Hemorrhage

Brittany Murphy 1977 - 2009

Broad City's Abbi & Ilana Address the Issues So Many Women Have With Porn

Broadcast Killed Saturday Morning Cartoons

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? | Get the Hell Away from Me

Bryan Cranston In the Role He Was Born to Play: Narrating an Expletive-Ridden Children's Book

Bryan Cranston's Travis Bickle Haircut Will Give You Meth Shakes

Bucdaddy Loses a Ball

Budweiser Sending Their Iconic Clydesdales to the Glue Factory

Bullshit Excuses People Make For Super-White Comic Book Movies: Bingo Version

Burger King's New Proud Whopper Might Give You Genuine Feelings Along With Your Meat Sweats

Buzz Aldrin Does A reddit AMA: Happy Anniversary, Apollo 11 Moon Landing!

California Dreaming | Prop 19 As Seen By Taiwanese

California Earthquake Devastates the Only Thing That Matters: Wine

California Upholds Prop 8

Cameron Crowe Gives Us a Window into the Brilliance of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Cameron Crowe Lets Us Peek Into His Beautiful Brain With the Rejected Titles For 'Almost Famous'

Can We Just Shoot Artie Lange Into Space Like the Human Garbage He Is?

Can We Settle This Once and For All? | A Grammar Rant

Can We Take A Second To Talk About Our Kick-Ass New Pope?

Can We Talk? Twitter Has Grown Weary Edition

Can You Top These 15 Amazing Food/Movie Puns?

Canada Loves Her Queens | Who's Really In Charge Of The Country?

Cannes I Kick It? Yes, You Cannes: Previewing Pajiba's Cannes Coverage

Cannonball Read Kicks off Thursday

Cartoon Network Showed Its First Gay Kiss... Sort Of

Catching up with Breaking Bad

Categorizing the NFL's 32 Teams In Terms of their Playoff Chances

Catwoman: Ears or No Ears? The Nerdiest Debate in Internet History?

Celebrating 'Saved by the Bell''s Jessie Spano, the Patron Saint of '90s Baby Feminists

Celebrating Pi Day With Pop Culture

Charlie Sheen's 11 Point Life Manifesto

Check out a Three-Armed Jaime Lannister and Other Gnarly Game of Thrones Effects

Chicks Dig Bad Boys: Science Don't Lie

Chicks Don't Dig the Sword and Actors Sh*t On their Own Flicks

Children Are The Future Unless We Stop Them Now

Chr*st! Lighten Up! | Mmmmmm, Blasphemy

Chris Hardwick Tweets a Necessary Moment of Levity After Last Night's Episode of 'The Walking Dead'

Chris Pratt: Jurassic World's Velociraptor Whisperer

Chris Rock's No-F*cks-Given, No-Punches-Pulled Essay On Hollywood's Race Problem

Christ, There's No Winning This One. The Beastie Boys Go To Battle With GoldieBlox Over The Song 'Girls.'

Christa Miller, a.k.a., Dr. Cox's Wife, is Still Ridiculously Hot

Christina Hendricks Does Not Like Being Referred to As "Full-Figured" by Waify Little Fashion Journalists

Christine Baranski Defends the Worst Part of 'Into the Woods'

Chuck Lorre's Abandoned Emmy Speech Might Make You Hate Him And His Mid-Level Pablum A Little Less

Citius, Altius, Fortius | Pajiba Sports

Claiming the Millennium ... and the Word

Cleveland: The Real Mudville | Pajiba Sports

Clooney Does Reddit AMA: Internet Explodes With Brad Pitt Pranks, Whipping Leo's Ass And Getting Revenge On Amy And Tina

Colin Firth Is a Knob | How I Got High and Talked Coen Brothers on the Radio

Colin Firth Was Originally Supposed To Be Naked In 'Pride And Prejudice?' That's The Sound Of A Million VCRs Overheating.

Colin Trevorrow Tweeted the Perfect Tribute to Richard Attenborough

Come And Knock On Our Door | No. . .Not You

Come Up with the Best Reverse 80's Remake. Win a Pajiba T-Shirt

Comedy Legend Joan Rivers Dead at 81

Comic-Con 2008

Comic-Con Videos - Jeffster's Fat Bottom Girls and Lost Memorium

Comparing the Wingnuttery of the 3 Most Politically Vocal Celebrities on Twitter

Complaining About The 2011 Oscar Nominations | What Do I Do With All This Hate?

Conan O'Brien Performs "The Monorail Song"

Conan Shows Off the New "Tonight Show" Set - Video

Congratulations, 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' You've Crossed the Line From Sh*tty-Looking Movie to Just Generally Sh*tty

Congress Has Been Banned from Editing Wikipedia Because Some Douchebag Is Making Transphobic Changes to Entries, Including OItNB's Laverne Cox

Correspondence with a Prison Inmate Who Has a Thing for Minka Kelly

Courtney & Joanna: We're Different People

Cult Films, Scene Stealers, and C*cks | The Weekly Murdertank

Cumberbatch's Motion Capture Contortions Are The Best Thing To Come Out Of 'The Hobbit'

Dakota Fanning Gets Raped

Damon Lindelof Reveals That 'Lost' Was Originally Pitched As A "Primitive Melrose Place"

Dan Aykroyd Does a Terrible James Brown Impression

Dancing GIFs, Racism in The Help, Celebrity F*ck Ups, and the Brief De-Objectification of the Action-Movie Actress

Danny DeVito Drunk on Live TV, Again

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn's Instagrammed Wedding Photos Will Murder You With Cuteness

David Fincher Could Have Directed 'Star Wars,' If Only He Were Capable of Not Making It Totally Disturbing

David Fincher's 'The Girl Who Played with Fire' Review: Suck Denby, I Beat You By Two Years

Dax Shepard's Heartwarming Account Of His Dying Father Meeting His Unborn Child

Day 3: The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Fever Hits Its Ridiculous Peak

Dear Chapters | A Love Letter

Dear Internet: You Don't Have to Hack into Christina Hendricks Goddamn Phone to Find Great Images of Her

Dear Jennifer: You've Already Been Cast in The Hunger Games. Are The Sexy/Mopey Photo Shoots Really Necessary Now?

Dear John: We Don't Care If You're Gay, We Don't Care If You're a Scientologist...

Dear Valentine's Day | A Love Letter

Death of the Hipster Douche | Don't be a Di**head

Death or Glory Becomes Another Story: Meet the Fifth Member of The Clash...Peter Dinklage

Denis Leary Remembers Denis Leary Movies

Dennis Farina Dead at 69

Dennis Hopper Obituary | 1936 - 2010

Despicable Up A**hole Murders the Cat of a Politician's Kid, Writes "Liberal" On Its Corpse

Despised TV Shows, Things that Might Make You Sh*t Your Pants, and Actors Slumming It

Dexter Recaps

Diary Lovers Respond

Did Adnan Syed Kill Hae Min Lee? 'Serial' Ep. 5 Discussion: It Doesn't Fit the Timeline

Did Maggie Get a Lot Sexier in that Cattle Car During 'The Walking Dead's' Offseason Break?

Did Seth Rogen and James Franco Bring North Korea's Wrath Upon Sony Pictures?

Did Someone Call for a Tom Hiddleston Puff Piece?

Director David O. Russell Steps Back on Crazy Train, Feels Up His Pre-op Transgender Niece

Directors Guild Award Winners

Dirty Elizabethan Puns And Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Photos Make Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' Book A Must Have

Disappearing TV Characters, Actors Turned Musicians, Musicians Turned Actors, and the Sexy Psychopaths that Murder Them

Disney Exec Says Story Doesn't Matter? I'd Like To Protest, But They've F*ckheimered Me One Too Many Times.

Dixie Carter Obituary

Do Not Watch with Parents | The Weekly Murdertank

Do We Have Joel McHale to Thank For Saving 'Community'?

Do You Feel Like I Do? Rocker Peter Frampton Threw an Obnoxious Concert-Goer's Phone into the Rafters

Do You Want to Know What Pregnancy Is Really Like? I'll F*cking Tell You

Do You Wear High Heels? Congratulations! You're a Brainless Self-Harmer, According to Tech CEO

Does Being Scared of Muslims Make You a Bigot?

Does Sarah Palin Understand What 'Hollywood' Means?

Don't Believe the Hype | The Top Five Super Bowl Alternatives

Don't Get SAD, Get Even | Pajiba Health Watch

Don't Make Me Come Home and Watch Norbit Pie

Donal Logue Talks About Resurrecting "Terriers." But Is That A Good Idea?

Donald Glover's Reasons For Leaving 'Community' Are Actually Kind Of Troubling

Dr. Horrible at the Emmy's - Video

Dream Casting Disney's Upcoming Live-Action 'Dumbo':

Dreamcasting the Rest of Emma Watson's 'Beauty and the Beast'

Dude. Really?

Dust Off Your Old Netflix Rage, Amazon Jacks Up The Minimum Purchase To Qualify For Free Shipping

Dustin Has Officially Lost It | Why Would He Give This Guy A Spot?

Dustin Will Soon Be Out of A Job | The Beginning of Pajiba's End

Dylan McDermott: King of the One-Season Storyline

ESPN Anchor and Incredible Human Being Stuart Scott is Dead at 49

Eat, Drink, Stumble | One Man's Journey of Self Discovery

Ed McMahon 1923 - 2009

Edgar Wright Succinctly And Sassily Addresses Biggest Oscar Snub Of The Day

Eight Great Ways To Narrate | Voiceover Achievers

Einstein's Papers Digitized and Online

Election Day 2008

Ellen Page Responds to Bryan Singer Allegations

Elmore Leonard Dead at 87

Eloquent Eloquents, Assemble: A Call to Arms

Emma Thompson And Julie Andrews Together? It's A Cheerstravaganza!

Emmy Awards Open Thread

Empathy For The Devil | Pajiba Sports

Enviable Partners In BFF-ery, Amy Poehler And Tiny Fey, Guest Edit 'Entertainment Weekly'

Ethics vs. Politics: The Keith Olbermann Question | Pajiba Debates

Even in a Decade Ago, Tom Hardy Could Play One Creepy Son of a B*tch

Everybody Loves Gingers and Orgasms | The Weekly Murdertank

Everyone In The Pool: A Guide To Surviving Memorial Day Weekend

Everyone You Forgot Was In the Entire 'Scream' Franchise

Everyone's Stalking You on Facebook | Social Networking Trends

Everything We Insist Upon For Lee Pace's 'Mindy Project' Guest Spot

Everything that Irritates Me About Tom Cruise Reduced to a Two-Minute Gag

Exclusive Details on the Split Between Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky

Exploits from Comic-Con 2008 Part I

Exploits from Comic-Con 2008 Part II

Exploits from Comic-Con 2008 Part III

Expressing Love for Movies with the #cinephilephoto Hashtag

F*ck Shaking Your Tush On The Catwalk | The Epitome Of Modelling

F*ck, Don't Tell Me My Princess Is In Another F*cking Castle Again! | What Are You Looking For In A Fantasy Film?

FTC Blogger Regulations

FYI | Mark Your Calendars

Fa La La La La, La La La F*ck | Holiday Commercials Make Me Stabbity

Fake Oscar Snubs, Real Scientific Facts, and Marilyn Monroe

Fall Movie Poll

Fan-Made Done Right | The (not really) Walking Dead Opening Credits

Fanboys, Geeks, Julia Roberts, and the Aniston Problem | The Weekly Murdertank

Fat Guys, Hobos, and the Fall Television Season | The Weekly Murdertank

Fat Shaming and the Week's 10 Most Popular Posts

Fatherhood is Awesome | Lamentations of Domestication

Feminist Outrage Round-Up: Because Sometimes You Have To

Fill Your Hands, You Sumb*tch | What Are You Looking For In A Western Film?

Finally We Can See Mindy Kaling as the Cartoon Character Nature Intended

Finally, I Can Stop Avoiding Most of Tumblr

Find Out When Your Hooha (or Lance of Love) Got Its Name

Fine, I'll Admit It. James Franco Was Right About Something

Firefly's Wash Lives! On Joss Whedon's Notebook Paper, Anyway

First Look At The New Gregor Clegane In His Armor Will Make Your Inner Hound Howl

First Official Look At The Khaleesi's New Boy Toy In 'Game Of Thrones' Is Enough To Turn Your Facial Hair Blue

Five Celebrity Couples I Had No Goddamn Clue Existed Until Recently | Slow News Day Ruminations

Five Dumb Movies I Love Because Of TBS: The Superstation | The Latchkey Kids Are All Right

For the Discerning Connoisseur of Both Books and Burritos: Chipotle Lit Is Your New Favorite Genre

For the Past 9 Years, A (Gasp!) Lesbian Has Been Delivering Feel-Good Stories on 'Good Morning America'

Four Adults Caught Stealing Thousands of Dollars Worth of LEGOs

Four More Very Important Survey Questions | Look! More Eye Candy!

Fox's "The Club" Video

Frank Miller's Long-Winded reddit AMA Answers: The Man Does Not Hold Back

Free P****! | This Is As Close To LOLCats As I Get

Fruitcakes. Why'd It Have To Be Fruitcakes? | A Guide to Holiday Etiquette and Safety

Fun with Celebrity: Can You Identify the Redhead in this Photo?

Fun with Nostalgia: 1993 Edition

Fun with Penis Confusion: Comparing Alison Brie's Cleavage to Joel McHale's Buttcrack

Fun with Surveys: Sophie's Choice Edition

GIF OUT! Youtube Embeds Its Own GIF Generator

Gary David Goldberg Dead at 68

Geek Out With the Best Podcast You Should Be Listening To

George Lucas Needs To Recruit | AT-AT Day Afternoon

George Steinbrenner 1930 - 2010 | R.I.P.

George W. Bush May Not Care About Black People, But Kanye Sure Got Under His Skin | A Welcome Reminder of the W. Gaffe Factory

Georgia Tech Fraternity Offers Helpful Advice on How to 'Lure Rapebait,' Be Horrible People

Get Your Frilly Handkerchiefs Ready

Get Your Tissues Ready

Gifs: Now a Valid Educational Tool

Giles Gets Knocked Down, But He Gets...Knocked Down Again

Gimme My Money Back, You B*tch (And Don't Forget My Black T-Shirt) | What Are You Looking For in A Rom-Com?

Girls from Massachusetts Don't Go to the Gym, and Other Bits of Wisdom from the Scumball Vegas Club Promoter Who Refused to Comp a Bachelorette Party without First Seeing Photos of the Women

Give Me All the Pajibacon and Eggs You Have: SXSW 2013

Give Up Now, Amputee Josh Sundquist Just Won Halloween...Again

Glenn Beck And The Number One Reason You Should Never Watch 'Winter's Tale'

Glenn Shadix 1952 - 2010 | R.I.P.

Glory Has a Way of Sneaking Up on Fame and Stealing Its Lunch Money | Rachel Maddow's Smith College Graduation Speech

Go Screw Yourselves, Jeopardy. I'll Take 'Majorly Offensive Embarrassments' for $500, Alex

Godtopus Eats | Don't Disappoint Him

Golden Globes 2009 Open Thread

Golden Globes Open Thread

Gorgeous New Photos Of Amy Adams Will Put The Ginger Snap In Your Holidays

Gosselaar Zack Morrises it up for Jimmy Fallon

Graham Norton Terrorizes His Audience Members

Grateful Odes To The NFL's Return

Groundhog Day Reprise

Groundskeeper Willie on Scottish Independence

Guess Who's NOT a Fan of The Movie Where James Franco and Seth Rogen Try to Assassinate Kim Jong-un

Guilty Pleasure TV Round Up: "American Horror Story" vs. "Revenge"

Hands Down, the Best Thing You'll See Today: The Giving Groot

Hannibal's Hettienne Park Eloquently Addresses Accusations of Racism and Sexism

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Happy Birthday, Netflix!

Happy Friday! Here Are Some Creepy White-Chocolate Baby Heads In Case You're Hungry

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Here's a Story Involving John Hughes.

Happy Memorial Day | Screw It. Let's Be Earnest

Happy Sunshiny News to Put Some Happy in the New Depths of Despair You Reached Last Night (Also, GIFs)

Happy Valentine's Day! I Got You Celebrities Kissing and a Christian Gray Cake!

Harold Ramis Dead at 69

Harvey Pekar Obituary

Hate To Break It To You, Hiddleston, 'Thor' Has A New Cutest Character

Haunting Video of Abandoned Chernobyl 28 Years Later

He Needs a Kidney - Video Clip

Heath Ledger Remembered

Here Are All the Potential '22 Jump Street' Sequels

Here is the Saddest, Most Horrifying Political Ad Ever Created

Here's One Reason Why 'Game of Thrones' New Daario Naharis Is So Much Better than the Old Daario Naharis

Here's To The Halcyon | Marking Daniel Carlson's Fifth-Year Anniversary with Pajiba

Here's Who Deserves A Goddamned Oscar For 'Mockingjay - Part 1'

Here's Why We're So Sad to See Adam Pally Leave 'The Mindy Project'

Here's a Little Something That'll Take the Edge off Your Friday Faster Than a Whiskey Shot

Here's the All-Female 'Archer' Porn Parody You Never Ever Wanted

Here's the Full 'Johnny Karate' Legal Disclaimer From Last Night's 'Parks and Recreation'

Hey Girls, Don't Like Icky Sword Fighting? The NYT Says There's Enough Sex In "Game Of Thrones" To Keep Our Teeny Female Brains Entertained.

Hey, Remember When Jurassic Park's Dennis Dropped Those Embryos? Jurassic World Photo Tease

Highlights From the Key & Peele Super Bowl Special

Hitchens Hates Beck, Obama Hates the Democrats, and Congress Hates the Gays | Political Thing One and Thing Two

Hitman Sequel

Hodor! Check Out These Rad Photos from Kristian Nairn's Rave of Thrones Tour Kickoff

Hold On To Your Caps And Glasses, George RR Martin Call Fan Fiction "Lazy"

Hold On To Your Horn-Rims, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Discovered Vines

Hold Up. Did Disney Just Release The First-Ever Transgender Doll?

Holiday Movie Open Thread

Hollywood is Losing Its Sh*t Over the Cancellation of 'The Interview'

Holy Bowie's Package, This Family's Labyrinth Costume Officially Wins Halloween

Home Is Where the Heart Is Pierced on a Stick and Being Licked by TK Like a Lollipop

How 'A to Z' Might Benefit From More Realistic Episode Titles

How Are You Not Getting This, Polanski? We Don't Want Anything to Do With You

How Carrie Mathison Banging Terrorists and the Most Heartwarming Story Of the Year Play into Week 7 of the NFL

How Chile Took the Gay Out of 'Modern Family'

How Did Ian McKellen Become The Savviest Man In Social Media?

How Did the Real Life Nucky Thompson from 'Boardwalk Empire' Actually Die?

How Do You Enter the Wifi Password When the Computer's Your Brain?

How Do You Fix the 'Ant-Man' Trailer? Add Dancing Paul Rudd, Of Course

How Gay Is Too Gay? | Taking Your Pajiba Temperature

How India Just Destroyed Civilization

How Internet Commenters Responded to a Newly Released Study on Average Penis Size

How Jonathan Turned Out to Be the Most Successful 'Buffy' Actor

How Not to Endorse a Presidential Candidate, By Connie Britton

How Not to Provoke a Man into Beating You: Tips for Today's Woman

How To Get the 'Agent Carter' Look

How Will God Punish Bill Belichick for Deflategate?

How Young Is Too Young For Legos To Call Your Daughter Ugly?

How a Former 'Jeopardy' Champion Was Instrumental in the Creation of This Site

How the "New" New Netflix Changes Will Affect Most of You (Hint: Probably Not that Much)

How the Rally to Restore Sanity Has Made the Liberals Less Sane | Jon Stewart Takes on Olbermann, Maddow, and Maher

How to Effectively Avoid Falling for an Internet Hoax

How to Explain To Your Teenage Daughter that a Thigh Gap Is Not Something with Which to Aspire

How to Keep 'Agents of SHIELD' From Completely Sucking This Season

How to Survive Hurricane Sandy If You Live in the South Or on the West Coast

Hugh Jackman, Redheads, and ... Butt Sex | The Weekly Murdertank

Humanity Finds a Way to Debase Itself Even Further After a New Orleans' Woman is Roofied and Raped

Hurry Up, Winter! Yehudi Mercado's Game of Thrones Muppet Posters

I Am Full of Love | Mostly, I Love to Hate

I Am the Decider: The Order of the World Has Been Upset

I Attended SXSW and All I Got Was Paul Rudd Making Fun of Me: Revisiting a 2007 Interview

I Bestow To You This Gift On the Greatest Day of the Year

I Guess This is Growing Up | Still Fighting It

I Love Crackers | Some More than Others

I Owe You the Apology, Michael Richards

I Read Will Smith's Reaction To James Avery's Death And My Heart Got Flipped Turned Upside Down

I Really Do Envy Her Lipstick Collection

I Really Miss the Hair, You Guys

I Wanna Be in a Broadway Musical Now! George Takei's Spider-Man Audition

I Would Taste Like Golden Grahams and Fried Chicken

I Wouldn't Wear That, Not For All The Gold In Gringotts: Ranking Harry Potter Premiere Fashion From Best To Worst

I'd Watch an Hour of Just This Every Week

I'll Say Anything You Want To Hear: How Desperate Is Jennifer Aniston?

I'll Take My Burger With a Side of Nightmares, No Fries

I'm Aaron Sorkin, Bitch (Part II) | Sorkin Lays Waste to Palin

I'm Becoming Cliff Huxtable | I Can't Deal With This Sensitive Dad Crap

I'm F**king Ray Bradbury | Suck it Silverman!

I'm More Atari Too | F**k You!

I'm Not in Love: Lee Pace and Richard Armitage Set the Rumor Mill on Fire

I'm a Celebrity Whore

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! A Pajiba Sunday Sermon

I'm on a Horse | But Where is the Cart?

IKEA Singapore's The Shining Halloween Commercial Is the Best Thing You'll See This Year

If Only He Could Ditch the 5 'O Clock Shadow

If The Empire Strikes Back is No Longer Topical, Get Off of My Lawn

If Wikipedia Entries Told the Truth: Steven Moffat Edition

If You Have Sex with a Feminist, You Are Killing the Middle Class, Says Terrible, Terrible Person

If You Thought Alison Brie Couldn't Get Any Better, You Haven't Seen Her in Cake Form

In Celebration of 'Divergent' Have Some YA Dystopia Mad Libs!

In Celebration of Tomorrow's VOD Release of 'Happy Christmas,' Here's Some Anna Kendrick to Tide You Over

In Defense Of Grown-Ass People Reading Young Adult Novels

In Defense Of: Martha Jones

In Defense of a Shorter Series: Why More Shows Should Aim For Fewer Episodes

In Honor of Community's Return, I Give You the 8 Best Shots of Annie's Boobs

In Honor of Mean Girls Day, Never Forget that Time the White House Twitter Won Everything

In Memoriam: A Visual Tribute To Special Effects Pioneer Ray Harryhausen

In Surprise to No One Who Has Written for the Internet, Science Reveals Online Trolls Are Real-Life Sadists

In Which I Wish People Were Better

In Which Our Hero Embarrasses Himself Over a British Chef | Nigella is Awesome

In Which We Attempt to Carry On Without Arnett/Poehler Red Carpet Cuteness: 2012 Emmy Liveblog

In the Childish Name-Calling Twitter Fight Between Alec Baldwin and Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter Finds a Way to Lose

In the Shoshi Games, We Are All Winners

In the Weirdest Cross-Promotion Ever, Fandango Wants to Send You to Space

Indiana Jones Is Going to Be So Super Pissed When He Finds Out Demi Moore Discovered Fountain of Youth First

Indisputable Proof That 'The Lego Movie' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Are the Exact Same Movie

Infographic: What Your Favorite Shows Say About Your Politics

Inside the Actor's Studio Review

Introducing the New Pajiba Oscar Bait Ranking System

Is 'The Interview' Actually Any Good?

Is Godtopus Dead?

Is Hank and Marie Reacting to Things the New Angry Hitler Meme?

Is It Better To Burn Out or Fade Away?: A Two-Sided View of Addiction, Death and Public Reaction

Is It Ethical for a News Network to Actively Advocate Against a Sitting President

Is It Ever Okay to Catcall a Woman? Playboy Has an Answer For You

Is Listening to an Audiobook the Same as Reading?

Is President Obama an Elitist? | Pajiba Debates

Is This A Glock I See Before Me? Shakespearian Modernizations: The Good, The Bad and The Coriolanus

Is This Anthony Hopkins 'Breaking Bad' Fan Letter Real? Does It Even Matter?!

Is This The Most Potently Adorable New Couple On Television?

Is Your Girl A Republican | Does She Shake What Her Mamma Gave Her

Is the TSA a Broad Government Conspiracy to Molest Airline Passengers? | Pajiba Debates

It Looks Like They've Got Zaniness. I Hate Zaniness.

It Was That Kind of Week | The Weekly Murdertank

It's Here, It's Here! The Not-Quite-Fifth-Element AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car Is Here!

It's International Women's Day. Here's Some Sobering Statistics on Women in Movies and TV

It's My Birthday--Let's Have a Misandry Party

It's Not DiGiorno, It's A Giant PR Mistake

It's The Mash-up You Never Knew You Wanted: 'Fifty Shades of Frozen'

It's Wilson Appreciation Day

It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood| A Pajiba Sunday Sermon

It's a Slow News Day. Here's the 'Big Fat Anniversary Quiz 2015.'

J.D. and Brown Bear Bring their "Scrubs" Man Love to Twitter in Response to the Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

James Franco on the Failure of Your Highness and the Expected Failure of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Jaw-Dropping Lingerie Campaign Reveals More Skin Than You've Ever Seen Before

Jeffrey Tambor Got Really, REALLY Into Character For 'Transparent'

Jennifer Lawrence's Bikini Backside and the 10 Most Popular Posts of the Week

Jennifer Lawrence's Tale of Her Drunken Academy Awards Aventures Can't Wait for Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jerry Seinfeld On Kids And Bedtime Is An Unfortunate Glimpse Into My Life

Jersey Shore Stars Are Now Parents-to-Be and Rehab-itants | At What Point Is This No Longer Entertainment?

Jesus, People. You Are Shameless | The Weekly Murdertank

Jesus. Stolen Snapchat Images From Up to 200,000 Teenagers Leaked by Those 4Chan Bastards

Jian Ghomeshi and Why We Need to Require More From Our Celebrities

Joel McHale Call Justin Bieber A F*cking Idiot On 'Conan'

John Grisham Thinks We Should Cut Old Dudes a Break For Looking at Underage Porn

John Leguizamo Honors Bob Hoskins With Pictures of that Terrible 'Super Mario Bros' Movie

John Mulaney Talks About His New, Probably Terrible, Sitcom

John Stossel And His Douchtache Think Women Should Pay More For Healthcare Because "Maybe They're Hypochondriacs"

Join In On The Fun, It's Official Roast Joffrey Day

Jon Stewart Restores Sanity in the Same Week that Zombies Invade Your Television. Coincidence? | The Weekly Murdertank

Josh Friedman Blogs about the Demise of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

Joss Whedon And The Much Ado About Nothing Cast Talk About Stressing The Human Not The Hymen

Joss Whedon Talks "Dr. Horrible" Sequel And Gives Me An Excuse To Post Photos Of Nathan Fillion's Inner Thigh

Judge Declares That Paula Deen Is Not A Racist, The Rest Of Us, Uh, Disagree

Julian Assange: Hero or Asshole? | Pajiba Debates

Junkfood Cinema: Trading Places, Switching Faces

Just Like the White Winged Dove

Justin Bieber's New Hairdo: ZOMG! What Do You Think? | Pajiba Debates

Kari Byron Show Us How to Open Champagne in a Zombie Apocalypse

Kate Mara Feels Obama Watching, Judging

Katee Sackhoff Fondling A Dalek Is Cute, But Katee Sackhoff Dressed As Tyler Durden Will Ruin Your Goddamn Day

Katey Sagal Thinks Last Night's Emotional Scene Was Very Sweet

Keep Your "Perfect Wife" Jokes to Yourself

Kellogg's Latest Cereal, 'Totes Amazeballs' Is, Well, Totes Amazeballs

Kevin Smith Has Decided to End His Feud With Film Critics (As Long As They Give Him Good Reviews)

Kick Them When They Fall Down: The Worst Actress of All Time?

Kim Jong-il's Ten Best Films of 2011

Kirk Cameron Calls The Grammy Awards "An Assault On The Traditional Family." Nice One, Seaver.

Kirk Cameron's 'Saving Christmas' Is Making History! (With How Bad Its Ratings Are)

Kitty's Got Claws: Colbert Creates A Fake Twitter Hype Machine For Fox News

Klingon Proverbs, Right-Wing Assh*les and the "Most Handsome Kids in the Barrio"

Kurt Sutter Hospitalized After Appendectomy

Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007

L'Wren Scott, Costume Designer on 'Eyes Wide Shut' and Girlfriend of Mick Jagger, Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

Lady Sparkle Glitterpants, Taylor Swift, Somehow Outshines Jessica Chastain In New Disney Princess Ads

Last Episode of 'The Jinx' Spoiled by Reality

Last Night's Biggest Oscars Snub Had Nothing to Do With the Nominees

Last Pages Of The 'Breaking Bad' Finale Script Reveal What Happened To Jesse Pinkman

LeBron James: Untitled

Lena Dunham Talks Typecasting, Tacos and Twitter at SXSW

Lena Dunham's Sloppy Backside and the Week's 10 Most Popular Posts

Lesbians, Bill Murray, and People You've Never Heard Of | The Weekly Murdertank

Leslie Knope's New Campaign Slogan

Leslie Nielsen: Dead and Loving It | 1926-2010

Leslie and Ron Sitting in a Tree: Highlights From the 'Parks and Recreation' PaleyFest Panel

Less Than Meets The Eye | Bumblebee Is A B*tch

Lessons in Parenting: If Your Baby Falls Out of a Stroller, PUT DOWN YOUR F#$@ing Phone

Let Michael Murray Write Your Online Dating Profile!

Let Nicolas Cage Instruct You On the Finer Points of Movie Theater Etiquette

Let These 7 Men Show You How To Win Valentine's Day | Please Consider This Your Weekend Study Guide

Let Will Smith of the Future Explain How NFL Football Officially Died in Week 8 of the 2014 Season

Let Your Favorite TV Characters Tell You How to Live Your Life in 2015

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Let's All Argue Vehemently About This Potentially Massive Spoilers Leak From 'Batman vs. Superman'

Let's Be Crassly Cynical About These Celebrities Posing for Photos at a Soup Kitchen

Let's Celebrate the Magnificent Life of 'Saturday Night Live's' Longtime Announcer Don Pardo

Let's Forget Everything Bad We've Heard About 'Into the Woods' and Look at Some Pictures of Anna Kendrick in a Bodice

Let's Go Exploring! | Inception For Kids

Let's Have a High School Dance Party

Let's Needlessly Speculate on Jason Sudeikis' Pissy Face During Kristen Wiig's "SNL" Send-Off

Let's Remake ... Rashomon

Let's Remake ... Some Like It Hot

Let's Speculate Wildly on the New Ghostbusters Characters

Like Football And Dick Jokes?

Lines Drawn On Disney/Pixar's Women Problem

Listen to Emma Stone Belt the Sh*t Out of 'Cabaret' on Broadway

Little Miss Muffet Sat On Her Tuffet | Then The Spider Stole Her Money

Liveblogging the '90s: A Real-Time Review of Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Liveblogging the '90s: A Real-Time Review of The Cutting Edge

Liveblogging the '90s: Batman and Robin

Liveblogging the 2012 Academy Awards

Liveblogging the 2012 Golden Globes

Liveblogging the 2013 Academy Awards

Liveblogging the 2013 Golden Globes

Liveblogging the Golden Globes

Liveblogging the MTV Movie Awards

Liveblogging the Oscars

Loathsome Actors in Lovable Roles | They Can't All Be Golden Gods

Look At Me I'm Leatherface | Enlivening Your Children's Horror Experience

Look! New Commenting System. Ask Questions and Get Your Wiggles Out Here

Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be | The Manic Pixie Dream Boy

Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon Are Still Answering for That Controversial Louie Scene

Louis C.K.'s Rants Are Disturbingly Natural Coming From the Mouth of Comics' Cathy

Love Stinks: Two More Adorable Celebrity Couples Throw Their Beautiful Love Away

Macabre Mr. Maximus' 3rd Annual Guide to The Best & Worst Halloween Candy

Mads Mikkelsen Stars In the Strangest Furniture 'Not-An-Ad' You've Ever Seen

Maine's Governor Says President Obama "Hates White People," Continues To Be The Country's Worst Governor

Man vs. Woman vs. Geek | A Pajiba Box-Office Contest

Manly Men and Awesome Not-So-Manly Men, Guilty Pleasures, and Carla Gugino

Marc Maron, Kumail Nanjiani and Company Talk Robin Williams' Impact

March Madness 2007

March Madness 2008

Marilyn Manson Was A Hot Sticky Mess On 'Talking Dead' Last Night

Mark Ruffalo AMA: He's Talking Hulk, Clean Water, and Nicknames

Mark Ruffalo Shares Behind-the-Scenes 'Avengers' Pictures With Us, His Very Closest Friends

Martha Stewart Blasts Goop, Discusses 'Orange is the New Black'

Marvel Teases Next Week's Howling Commandos Heavy Agent Carter with Gorgeous Photos

Mary-Louise Parker reads a Bedtime Story for Esquire

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut: The Review: This Time It's Personal(er)

Maternity Clothes Are Goddamn Hideous

Matthew Vaughn, Dream Crusher, Wanted to Recast Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Maurice Sendak Obituary: Please Don't Go, We'll Eat You Up We Love You So

Maybe He's Not that Talented, but Taylor Kitsch Sure Makes a Good-Looking James Dean

Maybe They Found Whore Island

McConaughey, Lovable, Affable Nutjob, Has, I Sh*t You Not, Started Writing Rap Songs

Meet The Real-Life Leslie Knope Who Fought The Good Fight And Lost Tonight

Megan Fox and Uma Thurman Had Babies: Guess Which One Has the Horrible Name?

Men Force Kisses On Women ... Fer Fun, Guys!

Men: Shave and Get Drunk | You're Already Brilliant

Merry Christmas: Clark Griswold is a Reckless, Narcissistic Lunatic Who Belongs in a Psych Ward

Mia Farrow and Family Discuss Woody Allen Devastation. Media Expectedly Misses Point.

Michael B. Jordan Calls The Racist 'Fantastic Four' Backlash "Expected"

Michael Bay Directs Victoria's Secret Commercial

Michael Cera Career Assessment

Michael Clarke Duncan Obituary

Michael Fassbender Is Too Busy Manfully Straddling Cars To Worry About Campaigning For The Oscars

Michael Fassbender, Shame, and His Very Long ... Scarf

Michael Murray Applies to be an Intern at Vice Magazine (No, Really)

Michael Murray's 13 Cultural Highlights From the Past Year

Michael Murray's Adventures in Driver's Ed

Michael Murray's Inappropriate Interview with Marion Cotillard

Michelle Obama Eye Roll, Classless Partisan Bullsh*t or Hail To The Queen?

Mindhole Blower: Shailene Woodley was Marisa Cooper's Sister on 'The OC'

Mindhole Blowers: Cameron Crowe's SINGLES Inspired NBC's Friends and 14 Other Facts About the Movie that Might Explode Your Head

Mindhole Blowers: Jason Bateman Edition

Mission Accomplished?!

Mitt Romney Panders to the Snooki Demographic and Appreciates a Woman Who Can Quickly Lose Her Pregnancy Weight

Mitt Romney Surfaces, Looks Like a Man Whose Van You'd Want Your Children to Avoid

Money For Nothing | My Opinion Is free

More Bad Lip-Reading From 'The Walking Dead'

More Brutally Honest Oscar Voters Confirm All Your Worst Suspicions

Movie Insults, The Ten Best, and (F**king) Comic Sans | The Weekly Murdertank

Movies That Messed Me Up: 'Howard the Duck' Taught Me About Tiny Condoms And Duck Breasts

Movies That Messed Me Up: 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space'

Movies That Messed Me Up: 'Poltergeist II: The Other Side' Gave Me A Healthy Fear Of Old Dudes And Life In General

Movies Will Make Your Children Whores: Science Don't Lie

Mr. Incredible vs. Batgirl: Exposing the Cutthroat World of Hollywood's Costumed Characters

Ms. Marvel Punches Real-Life Bigoted Hate Speech Garbage Straight Out of San Francisco

Mulholland Dr. Pajiba Movie Club

Mulholland Drive Pajiba Movie Club

Multiple Choice Quiz: Can You Identify the Photoshopped Actress In the New USA Network Series?

Multiple Choice: Can You Identify This Celebrity Face?

Music For Potter Nerds | The Wedgie Line Is To The Right

My Favorite Irish Films: No Potatoes, Banshees or Blarney

My Heterosexual Ryan Reynolds' Man Crush: 2004 - 2010 | R.I.P.

My Love Letters to Anderson Cooper

My Trip with Rachelle to the Cottage and Our Day with the Iranian Serial Killer

My What Big Hair You Have | A Layperson's Guide to the Bridges (with a side of Russell)

NFL Finally Does Something That Doesn't Require an Apology, St. Louis POA Wants One Anyway

NPR's 'Car Talk' Co-Host Tom Magliozzi Has Died at 77

Nailing Down The Greasy Line Between High Fashion Photography And Smut

Name that Old White Guy | A Pajiba Quiz

Natalie Dormer's Mouth, Vince Vaughn Is a Dick, and NFL Week 12

Nathan Fillion Never Looks Bad and The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now | The Weekly Murdertank

Nathan Fillion's Here To Make You Feel Better About Donald Glover Leaving 'Community'

Need Glasses? | A Layperson's Guide to the Arquettes

Need a Safe Space to Work Out Your 'Ghostbusters for Guys' Frustrations? This Is that Space

Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' Dream Casting Is Absolute Perfection

Neil Patrick Harris Guest Stars in Batman

Neil Patrick Harris, That Unrelenting Monster, Wins Halloween For A Second Time This Year

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Yes! Wolverine Could Maybe, Possibly, In Keeping With Certain Theories, Travel Back In Time

Neill Blomkamp's Abandoned 'Alien' Project Needs to Be an Immediate Reality

Nestle Crunch Officially Wins the Award for Most Appalling Tweet of 2014

Netflix Gems and the 10 Most Popular Posts of the Week

Netflix's 10 Most Popular Rentals of All Time Reveals White, Joyless Thirty-Something Subscriber Base

New 'Coriolanus' Photos Prove That Even Smeared In Blood Tom Hiddleston Is Cuter Than A Box Of Kittens Smeared In Blood

New 'Fantastic Four' Movie Wraps. Very Very Quietly.

New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Toys For the Star Lord in Your Life

New 'Horns' Stills: This Is What Harry Potter Hellspawn Looks Like

New 'Orphan Black' Set Photo Will Have You Begging To Be The Meat In A Tatiana Sandwich

New Girl May Have Given Us the Best Ever Definition of Inclusive Feminism

New HD Opening to The Simpsons

New Hobbit Posters Or Pantene Commercial? You Decide.

New Rule: Only Watch TV Shows That Also Serve You Delicious Pastries

New Shirtless Images From Hiddleston's Audition To Play Thor Will Make You Lose Control Of Your Hammer

New Under Armour Ad Stars Ballerina Misty Copeland

Newcastle Wants You to Celebrate the Red, White and Blue... No, the Other Red, White and Blue

Newsweek's Oscar Roundtable

Nick Hornby Explains Why He Never Made 'High Fidelity 2'

Nick Offerman Pitches His Version of Emojis on Conan

Nicolas Cage Loses His Sh*t All Over the Internet | The Weekly Murdertank

Night of the Living Dead Pajiba Movie Club

Nightmare Fuel: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Alternate Designs Show It Could Have Been Worse

Nine Women (And One Man) That Make Men Melt

Nipplegate 2004: A Tenth Anniversary Remembrance

No One Said You Had to Act to be an Actor! Happy Birthday Salma Hayek and Keanu Reeves

No Sleep Til ...

No, Avoiding the Bro Hug Does Not Make You Homophobic (Unless You're Afraid He'll Kiss You)

No, Seriously, That's Pretty F*cking Racist

Nora Dunn's Touching Tribute To Her Sweeney Sister Jan Hooks

Nora Ephron 1941 - 2012: Congratulations on a Magnificent Life

Not News: The Most Disturbingly Great Tweet Ever?

Note to Eva Mendes' Photoshoppers: Work Harder to Maintain Head and Body Proportion

Nothing Tastes as Good as a Colonic Feels: The Week in Creepy Ad Campaigns

Notorious Multitasker George Lucas Simultaneously Promises To Retire And Sh*ts All Over Your Childhood...Again

Now Officially a Superlative Comedic Performance

Now Playing in Portland and Portland | Smaller Market Independent Film Releases

Now You're Not Satisfied With What You're Being Put Through: The Contrary Kevin Smith

Now that Elle Has All the Attention, Dakota Fanning Wants to Remind You That She's Not 18 Yet, Either

Nut Up or Shut Up | Pajiba's Movie Quote Quiz and DVD Giveaway

Obama vs. McCain

Obama vs. McCain 3

Of Donkey Kong And Record Players | I Feel Old

Oh My Stars And Garters! It's The First Official Photo Of The 12th Doctor In Costume!

Oh Well That's Perfect Actually, Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Join The Slack-Jawed Yokels Of "Fox & Friends"

Oh Yay, Internet Cretins Found a New Way to Be Gross About Jennifer Lawrence

Oh, the Crossover Possibilities That Flit Through My Mind

Olivia Wilde, Penelope Cruz and The Dude Will Make You Feel Confused and Excited About Disney Again

On Beating Up Celebrities

On Its One-Year Anniversary, Let's Remember The F*cking Craziest Movie Of 2014

On the Difficulties of Being In the Bag for Aaron Sorkin

One Scenario For How Late Night's Musical Chairs Might Play Out

One Shining (Annual) Moment

Original Audio of Apollo 13 Incident, in Real Time

Osama! The Musical

Oscar Winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46

Other "Definitive" Lists Can Suck It. It's Skitz's 6th Annual Guide to Slipping Into a Halloween Sugar Coma.

Our Favorite Librarians | They're Stacked!

Our Tax Dollars Hard at Work: NSA Employees Paid to Play 'World of Warcraft'

PSA For White People: Stop Using '12 Years A Slave' To Explain How You "Get It"

Pajiba 10 -- For Your Consideration: The Entire Cast of Magic Mike Because DEAR LORD (NSFWish)

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Tim Howard

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Chris Evans

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Lena Headey

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Mads Mikkelsen

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Pedro Pascal

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Chris Pratt

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Cobie Smulders

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Gina Carano

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Gwendoline Christie

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Tiny Canadien Ellen Page Receives a Death Threat for Allegedly Dating Alexander Skarsgard

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reddit Has Re-posted Robin Williams' AMA So We Can All Enjoy It Again