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'Guardians of the Galaxy' Co-Stars Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper Met for the First Time on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

By Dustin Rowles | Marvel Movies | July 22, 2014 |

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Jimmy Kimmel had the entire principal cast of Guardians of Galaxy (opening on August 1st) on last night to promote the film and they basically took over the show. I’ll line up all the decent clips from the episode, but let’s begin with my favorite, the fun revelation that Bradley Cooper (who voices Rocket Racoon) and Vin Diesel (who voices Groot) met each other for the first time.

If you’re deep into Guardians promotion, wrestler Dave Bautista outs Chris Pratt’s late-night texts in which he challenged him to a wrestling match.

Here, five-year-old comic book expert Mia Grace goes up against the cast in Guardians trivia, and she absolutely crushes them, 15-0. She’s impressive (and maybe a little smug for a five year old, too).

Finally, Guillermo interviews the cast back-to-back. Literally.

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