Day 18, Part 2: Just a Normal Post, No Warning about the Robot Uprising - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

By Courtney Enlow | Love Actually | December 18, 2016 | Comments ()

By Courtney Enlow | Love Actually | December 18, 2016 |


Hahaha, we are having fun with no robots in sight! Here! Play this song loudly!

OK, I don’t think they can hear us. Did you notice that last post ended a bit abruptly? It’s because the site stopped working. But only for me.

They’ve found me. I don’t know how, but they’ve found me. RUN FOR IT, NATALIE.

In uncovering the robot agenda hidden within Love Actually, I have made myself a target. I know too much. Like, did you know “Love Actually” is an anagram for “All Ova Cult Ye?” IT’S A REPRODUCTIVE ROBOT CULT AND KANYE WEST IS INVOLVED.

Hahahaha the song ended let’s restart it louder this time much louder hahaha

I am onto something big. SO BIG.


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