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The Best Reason To Keep Watching 'The Daily Show'? Jessica Motherf*ucking Williams

By Emily Chambers | Late Night TV | October 16, 2015 | Comments ()

By Emily Chambers | Late Night TV | October 16, 2015 |

Jessica Williams Peoria.jpg

It looks like a lot of people (including me) haven’t quite made up their minds about Trevor Noah as host of The Daily Show yet. And as more eloquent writers have said before, we can spread the blame to a few different sources. The Daily Show writers seem like their still writing for Stewart, the Noah debut didn’t have nearly enough build up after a six-week break, and Noah’s delivery itself is a little off-putting for me. (Dude, don’t smile that quickly after a joke. Let it land for a second.)

But there are 3 good reasons to keep watching:
1.) Jessica
2.) Motherfucking
3.) Williams

That’s right. The Pajiba Ten Honoree will not stop kicking ass.

After last week’s segment on the most recent “isolated” shooting, Williams bossed up again with her segment on an overzealous Illinois mayor and a Twitter parody account. Bask in her awesomeness

And, yes, I did need to consult Urban Dictionary to find out what trill means.

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