'Late Night' Brings Back 'Point, Counterpoint' For 'Wonder Woman,' And Amber Ruffin Is Goddamn Delightful

By Emily Chambers | Late Night TV | June 7, 2017 |


Hey, so you know how things recently have been varying degrees of awful? Like eons old unrelentingly evil in some ways? But then also bittersweet awful where you’re really glad that someone did that thing, but still bummed because it had to be done at all? And then there’s that cascading effect of awful that you can’t even deal with individually so it just becomes kind of a blur of general terribleness? Also the worst part is that you’re desperately counting down the hours until you can watch testimony in Congress, and not only is that a sad thing to be excited about, but it’s still more than twenty-four hours away? Because everything has reached that stage of terrible?

This is not that.

SEE? Amber Ruffin is goddamn delightful. She could bottle her sweat as “Pure Joy.” You thought she topped out with the Daryl Hall impression, but you had no idea. Because unadulterated happiness and laughter don’t top out. They just become “goodness.”

Bless you, Amber Ruffin. Bless you.

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