Here's an alphabetical listing of all our Last Week Tonight:

'Last Week Tonight' Covers Voting Rights, And Man, Is It Horrifying

John Oliver Pleads with Donald Trump to Drop Out

'Last Week Tonight' Explains The Continued Saga Of Brexit II

'Last Week Tonight' And Their Warren G. Harding Biopic Is Everything You Need Today

'Last Week Tonight' Begs France Not To Make Britain And America's Mistakes

'Last Week Tonight' Breaks Down The Real Problem With Gerrymandering

'Last Week Tonight' Covers Election Scandals

'Last Week Tonight' Covers The Benefits Of Corporate Mergers And Other Fallacies

'Last Week Tonight' Covers The Equifax Breach

'Last Week Tonight' Covers The Inherent Lies Of Confederate Monuments

'Last Week Tonight' Covers The Third Party Candidates

'Last Week Tonight' Examines Trump's Border Policy, And Why Are We Still Using Lie Detector Tests?

'Last Week Tonight' Explains Special Districts

'Last Week Tonight' Explores The Full Devastation Of Trump Leaving The Paris Agreement

'Last Week Tonight' Finally Addresses Trump

'Last Week Tonight' Forgoes The Jokes For An Important Truth: Birds Are Horrible

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At America's-Most-Desperately-Starved-For-Attention Sheriff

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At Jared And Ivanka's Roles In The White House

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At Radioactive Waste

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At The Reasons Behind The Shrinking Coal Industry

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At The Sinclair Broadcast Group's Take Over Of Local News

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At The U.S.'s Maddeningly Inconsistent Marijuana Law

'Last Week Tonight' Looks At Trump's Mostly Dead Budget Blueprint

'Last Week Tonight' On America's Opioids Epidemic

'Last Week Tonight' On Economic Development And Useless Tax Breaks

'Last Week Tonight' On Obamacare And How It Can Revitalize Your Resistance

'Last Week Tonight' On Police Oversight

'Last Week Tonight' On Retiring The Penny

'Last Week Tonight' On School Segregation Is Maddeningly Heartbreaking

'Last Week Tonight' On The 2016 Election Results

'Last Week Tonight' On The Real Dangers Of Putin And Russia

'Last Week Tonight' On The True Sources Of Government Waste

'Last Week Tonight' Presents How Your Favorite Website Is Killing Journalism

'Last Week Tonight' Proves Everything About Congress Is The Worst

'Last Week Tonight' Proves Regardless Of How You Feel About Abortion, Abortion Laws Are Horrible

'Last Week Tonight' Proves The U.S. Doesn't Have A Monopoly On Terrible Elections

'Last Week Tonight' Recaps Stupid Watergate For Us

'Last Week Tonight' Returns To Explore Trump vs. The Truth

'Last Week Tonight' Returns To Give Americans Something To Feel Proud Of On President's Day

'Last Week Tonight' Tackles Pyramid Schemes With A Jaime Camil Assist

'Last Week Tonight' Takes A Deep Dive On Alex Jones, And It's Even Worse Than You Think

'Last Week Tonight' Takes On For-Profit Dialysis Giant DaVita. No, Really.

'Last Week Tonight' Uncovers The Facts About Forensic Science And Creates The Only CSI Worth Watching

'Last Week Tonight' Updates Us On That FCC Page

'Last Week Tonight': Credit Reports Are Garbage

'Last Week Tonight's #JustAddZebras Is Just Adding Life To Everything

'Last Week Tonight,' Labor Day White, And Seven Other Things We Should Stop Doing For Holidays

America's Favorite Pastime? Screwing Over The Poor

As Predicted, John Oliver Got Sued Over a 'Last Week Tonight' Segment

How Bad Of A Person Is Mike Pence? 'Last Week Tonight' Investigates

In An Unprecedented Move, John Oliver Is Wrong About Doping

In Shocking Expose, Things Are More Complicated Than Congress And The Media Make Them Out To Be

Is Bitcoin Actually Worth Anything? John Oliver Investigates

Is NRA TV Dangerous?

John Oliver And Lin-Manuel Miranda Talk Puerto Rican Debt

John Oliver Calls Donald Trump a 'F**king Asshole" Over Khizr Khan Dispute

John Oliver Extends Invitation to John Miller, Donald Trump's Publicist

John Oliver Has Finally Crossed The Line

John Oliver Introduces The Easiest Not-Gun-Control Policy

John Oliver Is Clearly Trying To Speak To Us, But What Is He Trying To Say?

John Oliver Just Made Television History By Giving Away $15 Million

John Oliver Sends Us Down The Dark Hole That Is The Mind Of A Trump Supporter

John Oliver Takes on Trump's Assault Against the Way in Which We Speak To Each Other

John Oliver Warns The Cicadas Are Coming!

John Oliver on Billy Bush and Guantanamo

John Oliver's Surprisingly Chipper Take On Lead Poisoning Might Brighten Your Day

Study Finds John Oliver More Trusted Than Traditional News

There's A Good Reason HBO Didn't Advertise That Edward Snowden Interview On 'Last Week Tonight'

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