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Update: Sony Cancels 'The Interview' Release, Abandons DVD and VOD

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U.S. Officials Name North Korea As Being Behind the Sony Hacks

I guess they weren't kidding about that "wait and see" business.

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The 2014 NFL 'In Memoriam'

A tribute to all the things that died this season in the NFL

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Year in Review: The 10 Worst Moments of 2014 in Otherwise Good TV Shows

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Eating Pizza With a New Guy, Which May or May Not Be a Euphemism

Plus Roman Polanski and Stephen Collins both have words on their sexual abuse charges, and Anderson Cooper owns a Twitter troll.

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7 Of the The Dumbest Things Aaron Sorkin Has Ever Said

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Who Killed Hae Min Lee? Who the Hell Knows?

There may be one way to bring us closure, however.

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Netflix May Have an AMC Problem

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