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It's Not Just the New Host of 'The Daily Show' We Should Be Worried About, It's the Format

By Dustin Rowles | Posted Under Trade News | Comments ()

Plus Russell Crowe still doesn't get the whole women in Hollywood thing and Kit Harrington doesn't want you to call him a 'hunk.'

About Those Problematic Trevor Noah Tweets That Are Tearing the Internet Apart

By Emily Chambers | Posted Under Trade News | Comments ()

In the Wake of 'Going Clear,' Here Are Eight Famous Scientologists We Should Rescue

By Courtney Enlow | Posted Under Celebrities Are Better than You | Comments ()

Not that it was a Dunne deal to start with. (Not sorry.)

"April Fool's Day is to comedy what St. Patrick's Day is to Irish culture."

Your Biggest Pet Peeve: The Sour 16

By Brian Byrd | Posted Under Miscellaneous | Comments ()