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The 15 Best Currently Airing Shows that Are Also On Netflix

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Do you want to watch Taran Killam eat a raw fish? Yes, I think you do.

A morality play disguised as thriller, and the kind of thought-provoking adult-targeted film we don't see much of anymore.

After only two episodes, there are some troublesome similarities to 'The Walking Dead.'

The 15 TV Shows You Are Most Passionate About

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...rides that would make Mission:Space feel like a leisurely stroll through an air-conditioned free candy buffet.

Chrissie Hynde Said A Lot Of Stupid Things About Rape

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Plus everything you have the rest of the day to watch before it disappears tomorrow.

Plus Benedict Cumberbatch's choice of baby name, Fear the Walking Dead's zombie problem, & RIP Oliver Sacks.

What the hell happened, and will any of us who watched ever be the same?

Movies You May Have Missed This Summer That You Can Watch Online Right Now

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