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The 60 Coolest TV Show Title Sequences of All Time Part III

By Dustin Rowles | Guides | October 13, 2010 | Comments ()

Theme songs were where it was at back in the 80s and 90s, but now the title sequence is as important -- or more important than the music: It sets the mood and, in some cases, provides backstory (although, main titles that present backstories usually are not very good, e.g., "Battlestar Galactica.") Back in the early 90s, these title sequences became such an integral part of a television show that an Emmy Category was devoted to them (one of the first nominees was "Downtown Julie Brown" over on MTV *wubba wubba wubba*). Now, all the cable shows have lavishly produced, complicated main title sequences that combine conceptual visuals and sound and often last more than a minute (the unimpressive-but-for-the-song "Treme" title sequence clocks in at a minute and 34 seconds; the "Entourage" theme is one minute long, and when added to the "Previously On" scenes, there's barely any time left for a 20-22 minute show).

The best title sequences not only express the concept of a show, feature the typographic logo, and present the key production and cast members, but they capture our attention and draw us in to the show's mood. These are the 60 Coolest Main Title Sequences of All Time.

Part I: 60- 41 || Part II: 40 - 21 || Part III: 20 - 1.

20. Breaking Bad

19. Damages

18. Nip/Tuck

NIP/TUCK, MAIN TITLES from vincent haycock on Vimeo.

17. Flight of the Conchords

16. Rome

15. United States of Tara

14. Sons of Anarchy

13. Deadwood

12. Luther

11. Game of Thrones

10. Homeland NOT AVAILABLE


9. True Blood

8. Fringe

7. Dead Like Me

6. Huff

5. The IT Crowd

4. Dexter

3. American Horror Story

2. Mad Men

Mad Men Main Title Sequence from Steve Fuller on Vimeo.

1. Carnivale

Part I: 60- 41 || Part II: 40 - 21 || Part III: 20 - 1.

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